SFF Computer

I mentioned this computer system briefly in another post. I thought it should deserve its own post. Talking about the IWill’s ZMAXdp. This cute little bugger packs a lot of punch. Dual Athlons that use S940 sockets can be plugged into this baby. An article done by Hexus shows more detail of the innards of this thing. The exciting stuff… built in WiFi and FireWire400 controller. Not so exciting stuff… PCI and AGP slots (hoping for PCI Express) and ATA ports (should be SATA). I guess the most impressive things is the cooling system. The CPU slots are inline so the custom cooling system will fit. Then there are heat pipes leading from the CPUs to an elaborate copper fin set up. The system fan pulls double duty, pulling ambient air across both the cooling fins for the CPU and across the power supply.

I already own one of these type of SFF (small form factor) computers. It is the first generation SS51 XPC by Shuttle. When I initially bought theSS51, it came with a 2.0a P4 chip and an 80 GB hard drive. I have since upgraded to 2.8a and a 200 GB hard drive. I have also upgraded the video card from a Nvidia Ti 4200 to a ATi 9700 during that time. One thing that I haven’t done yet is upgrade the memory. Still going with the original 512 MB pc2700 DDR stick. UT2004 (one of the games I play) desperately wants me to upgrade to at least a GB of memory. Here is a picture of it soon after I purchased it. I bought the SS51 back in July of 2002.

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