Must… Get… Sleep

I think I just broke a record. After my midnight shift last night, I slept until 330 PM. In other words, a whole 6 hours. I woke up at 2 PM, which is usually when I get up. I still felt drowsy, so rolled over and tried to fall asleep. I did! To top it all off, I feel fairly refreshed. No “hangover” feeling that I usually have after waking up. Now if I get a 2 hour nap before going into work tonight, I will have had 8 hours of sleep. I don’t think I have ever done that between midnight shifts. Although with the Wolves/Lakers game starting at 8 PM, that nap is in jeopardy

Another bonus, I get 7 days off after tonights shift. I was supposed to have a bunch of friends come up from the cities and hang out at my “pad”. They all seem to wussing out. Really can’t blame them. If the weather outside sucks (which it has the past 4 days) , the outdoor activities we had planned would suck. Looks like I am going to go down to the cities and bug them instead.

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