Critical Eye

I finally took a long look at the disclosure statement for the tree fort house I am thinking about buying. There was leaking from the roof. It only happened once during the past winter. The roof is flat, which often has more issues compared to pitched roof, especially in Minnesota. I doubt there was action taken, so the roof will need some attention if I take ownership. When I took the tour, I did see some cracks in the ceiling. The disclosure statement also said there were cracks in some of the walls as well. Is this just par for the course, or a sign that the “foundation” (iron stilts) is contorting a little bit.

I went to city hall, and the only thing they had on it was the original plans (unreadable), and the variance that they applied for. The variance was for placing the basement underneath the driveway and garage. The basement also had to go fairly close to the street, within 6 feet. There is currently construction on the street this house is on. They dug a ditch and dropped some utilities on the houses side of the street. The basement survived this so that’s a good sign.

The house has in-floor heating. I have yet to see what the annual costs for heating is yet. Since the main part of the house is totally surrounded by air, I imagine the heating bill is substantial.

The price of the house is fairly cheap, considering the market. You’d think this would make me happy – it just makes me paranoid. My agent assures me this house is built for the future, but what does she know. Only a trained engineer can give an accurate answer on the stability of this house.

Meanwhile, I am typing this from my sisters in White Bear Lake. The Willernie house is gone so here I am. I have lost some privacy and some convenience, but this is whole lot cheaper. Hopefully we won’t get on each others nerves. I brought my cat and both of the cats that live are pissed… really pissed. They don’t seem to understand my cat just wants to be friends.

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