Ban Yer Ass

I run a UT2004 demo server out of my house (Zoyx Server Status). Players, in general, are well behaved. Before today, there were some bad nicknames, (N*****Hater was one of them). I kicked them and they didn’t return. There were other players who had long periods of AFK (away from keyboard), they got a kick also. Well today, I had a guy who was out to just be an ass. Called players names, trash talking using gross language, etc. I kick’em. He joined back in. I kick again and he joined again. This continued for some time.

Now you are wondering why I didn’t do a perma-ban. The way the ban feature works is that it goes by your unique player ID. With the demo version however, everyone has the same player ID. So if I ban one player, I ban everyone. Finally, I went on the web and did some research. It was possible to ban a player by IP address instead of by ID. I had to turn the server off to make this change. I added the naughty player’s IP. Now, it is possible for this player to get a different IP, so this may only be temporary. It is better than nothing, however.

{insert segue here}

I found a couple of houses to look at. They don’t inspire me like the tree fort house, but they do have a certain “coolness factor”. The first one had a log cabin theme. I did a drive by of this house. The basement is included in the finished square feet. Basement appears to be well above the the water table. Plenty of yard with a few storage units. It has 2 acres of land, but I suspect that half of that is swampy, or at least moist. I love the rustic look of the exterior and interior.

The other house is new. Since I knew this one wasn’t occupied, I got brave and walked around the lot. The land this house is on was swamp. The pond in the back is from dredging out the fill for the house and the driveway. This house is on 3 acres of land, but again, most of it swamp. This house has no basement, which is good, considering it is only a couple feet above the water table. The small pond would seem to be a good thing. The back porch overlooks this scenic pond. However, during the dog days of summer, it will probably get stinky and will also be good breeding ground for mosquitoes.

I think I will ask for a formal showing of both. Should provide for some entertainment tomorrow.

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