Clean Up

Yesterday, I cleaned out the storage shed in the far backyard. I then moved all the yard related junk from the garage into the storage shed, I am going to try and keep the shed as the yard and recreation storage area. I then finished cleaning up the garage. As of this moment, you can park two cars in the garage. Let’s see how long that lasts.

This mornings project was to start clean up in the basement. I cleaned up the room that I am designating as the recreation room. This room has the mini-bar and the video projector. One of the first things I cleaned was around the projector so I could watch the British Open on the big screen while I cleaned. Being a guy, I have a tough time doing two things at the same time. So even though the TV was on, I really didn’t have a clue how the tournament was going. I managed to get this room clean enough for usage, if I have company. The only failure was that I didn’t get the dart board up (damn).

I did watch the final few holes, then the playoff of the British Open. The highlight? After daddy played the 18th hole awfully, Todd Hamilton’s daughter had this great color commentary – “The last hole was stupid”. I love kids and their deadpan honesty. Keepin’ real.

After a nap, I went jogging. I jogged down to Hermantown high school and discovered the track. I did a couple laps there. They had it gated off, but I think those gates were meant to keep wheels from getting on the track. I don’t think anyone would mind my feet scaling the gate and doing some laps on their track. The track had that nice rubberized material on it. I think I should make an effort to hit this track. Might save my knees.

Before I leave, I must relieve my soul of this ache. The boys at Epic, this is for you. Fix the goddamn stats page for UT2004. Its been down for a few months now, it shouldn’t be that tough to fix. Thanks, I feel better now.

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