Cotton Eye Joe

Finally a cheat sheet for all those different flavors of computer chips out there. Thanks to Tech-Report for the nice summary sheet they put together.

I am Wells Fargo’s bitch. I bank there, and now my mortgage and HELOC are handled by them. I can make mortgage payments through their website. I can transfer funds with a few clicks from my HELOC to my savings and checking accounts. I even got a Visa card that is tied to my HELOC. Convenience is evil. It is so much easier to get in trouble with money these days. You need much more discipline compared to when I was a kid.

I have a dead tree in the back. I called a tree and stump removal company and I learned some new terms. When you have two trees growing out of the same root system, its called a two stem. The tree that is dead is a two stem. I also have a 4 stem, with two of the trees dead. I am having this company remove these two dead stems as well.

I got a wall mount for my video projector. To celebrate, I watched Reservoir Dogs via the projector. This was the first time I watched this movie. Yeah, just a wee bit violent. Still an artistic movie… I really like the style in which it was shot. From now on, whenever I hear someone say, “we’re professionals here”, I will think of this movie.

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