Property Whores

Now that I have all this other property stuff settled, I still have an achin’ for some lakefront property. All I want is a small chunk of land with about 40′ of frontage on a swimmable lake. Is that too much to ask? As it turns out, yeah.

The lake of choice is Pike Lake, which is only 5 miles from my current house. It is a nice sized lake, sandy lake bottom, with over 10′ of visibility. Here is the list of properties currently for sale on this lake…Property 1Property 2Property 3. Just a wee bit out of my range. Do you think one of these fine folks, specifically the owner of 265′ of frontage would give up a small parcel for little ol’ me. Probably not. One could dream though, can’t they.

So you thought I was lyin’ about this marathon thing. Well the joke is on you funny boy. Have a gander at these 8 sample pictures the Grandma’s Marathon folks sent me. I almost look like I am having fun, don’t I? I want to have a print of one of these, any recommendations on which one?

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