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I did nothing today. Seems that way at least.

Let’s see… I rerouted the phone wire so it came up near my desk. Before it was on the floor near the TV. A touch more convenient.

The used cell phone that I ordered, came in the mail. So I set up the account for that. I am going to use Virgin Pay as You Go for my service. My only problem so far with these people is that they seem to be targeting teenagers. I really don’t like be treated like a kid. I will be a cell boy again. Bah!

My Dish Network Satellite TV stopped working. I must of been using the previous owners old account and it finally gave out. So I called up Dish Network and started up my own account. I was up and running again within a couple of hours.

I fell asleep while I watched the Twins. I managed to wake in time to watch them win in extra innings. Twins are playing good ball. Just completed a 3 game sweep of their chief rival.

I then went to the mall. I am now only 4 or so miles from it now. I doubt being this close will rekindle my inner mall rat.

While I was there, I pre-ordered my copy of Doom 3. Apparently someone on the Doom 3 creation team has relatives in the Duluth area, because he visited this particular store a week or so ago. The game should be at this store on August 4th. I have reserved excitement about Doom 3. The game apparently takes 24 hours to complete the first time around. I frankly don’t have the patience for that. I am still looking forward to the cool visuals though.

I also bought new running shoes. The current shoes have at least a thousand miles on them. I think you are supposed to get new shoes every 300 miles. But I’m a cheap bastard.

Well ut2004 stats are back up and running. My stats aren’t there though. I give up.

Oh and here you go, for you fellas out there. It’s Swedish!

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