New Parsdent?

That new JFK is looking pretty darn presidential. I guess the number one thing that came across during Kerry’s acceptance speech, he is not GWB. In other words, competent. Kerry believes in working together. The Bush administration believes in doing it their way and damn the rest of you. The Democrats know how to work and play well with others.

Well enough of that, I ain’t no pundit. Although I play one on the internet.

Okay, I tried out the new running shoes, I made the right choice. They already feel broken in. I did a 5k run with no discomfort. I dropped by the Hermantown ballpark during my run. They had a pop machine, I wanted to get one of their sport drinks. $1.25. Even cokes cost $1.25. I decided not to get a drink.

I started packing for the Computer/BBQ Party that I am going to this weekend. I was gonna bring the 8 foot table, but that would of required strapping that to the roof of the car. Thankfully the folks running the show don’t need it. So I only need to bring the 6 foot table. That folds up and fits nicely inside the car. I will also bring the dedicated game server. Although they might not need that either. Thats fine. I am sure someone there will need a computer to play games. I can load my games on there so that chap can join in on the fun.

Remember yesterday when I said that I moved the phone line. Well I forgot to replace the suspended ceiling panels after I was done. Well the cat mysteriously disappeared yesterday. Then he disappeared again this morning. I finally figured it out and took a peak up in the ceiling. There was my buddy in his new hiding spot. Damn cat.

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