Toothpastes and Canker Sores

I was getting dreadful canker sores. Sometimes three at a time. In one of my visits to the dentist, the assistant seemed to remember there was a connection between sorbitol and canker sores. Most of your common toothpastes use sorbitol as a humectant. A humectant prevents water separation.

So I go shopping for some toothpaste without sorbitol listed as an inactive ingredient. I find Rembrandt. I start using it and voila`, the canker sores stop forming.

I am so happy about this, that I am all set to write a journal entry about this, and tell the world. I do a little “googling” so I have some back up sources for this blurb. Good thing I did, because as it turns out, it wasn’t sorbitol that was the culprit. The evil doer was sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

SLS is a detergent used to produce foam in your mouth. As it turns out, Rembrandt also does not contain SLS. That is why my canker sores stopped forming.

Well here is one of the sources that told me about this, Here is the quote from this page:

Toothpaste Without SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)
Some people are sensitive to a common ingredient in most toothpaste called sodium lauryl sulfate that can cause canker sores. An excellent toothpaste without SLS for people sensitive to SLS is Biotene. Arm & Hammer Dental Care tooth powder also does not contain SLS.

This particular author likes ARM & HAMMER® PeroxiCare® Toothpaste. Mainly because this toothpaste contains %51 baking soda (a great bacteria killer), which is more than any other toothpaste. If this toothpaste is SLS free, I may have to give it a shot.

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