TRS-80 Retro Excitement

I fired up a TRS-80 emulator. Not an easy task when you have to find a copyrighted ROM file to boot the “computer”. Plus I had to dig to get the TRSDOS disk file, so I would have an operating system. But after a whole mess of googling and hacking, I was off and running on typing in my programs that I coded up back when I was a mere teenager.

I started with my horse racing game. This was my favorite game out of the bunch that I coded up. Here is a screenshot…

Horse Race Game

No fancy graphics here. Just blocks herking and jerking across the screen. But strangely, it is loads of fun rooting on your pixel to cross the screen first.

In the screenshot, it was Whirlaway with the win, Man O’ War to place and Assault to show. That “12” before Count Fleet means that it was second after the first quarter.

Now the question is, should I type in the other games. This horse racing game took about 4 hours to type in, then debug the typos. I don’t know how much more of this retro fun I can handle.

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