Howard Tayler

I have started the long process of digitizing my Grandfather’s manuscript he wrote around 1940. He was born around 1898, so he was about my age when he typed this thing up. This manuscript is about before, during and after his service in World War One. You know, the war to end all wars.

The process involves me scanning the image, then using OCR software to convert the type on the image to a format I can use on my computer. I gave SimpleOCR a try first, but that required me to scan the image at 300 dpi. That additional resolution would of eaten up some time. I then tried OmniPage. This worked with 100 dpi images and had less errors. This will be the software I will use once the scanning is done. I am currently about halfway through the scanning process.

The next question is, how to publish. The leading candidate is to donate the book to the public domain. I was looking at Project Gutenberg to do this. This looks like a good deal because the site had volunteer proof readers, to make sure what I donate, read well. I’m certainly no scholar when it comes to literature, so I am not the man for the proof reading.

The other option is to publish the book myself and try to make a buck off of it. I did some googling and found this page on how to publish yourself. You have to lay out the pages, find a proof reader, design the book cover, secure an ISBN number, print and bind the books, and then get Amazon or some similar outfit to market your book. Seems like a lot of work for something that probably won’t sell a whole lot of units. Might be a fun experience, however. It could be worth it just for the stories I could share. Maybe write a book.

UT2004 Stats Reset

Those boogers at Epic reset the UT2004 stats. Now I have to start over on building them up again. You can watch my progress on this page. Oggle as my l33tness in UT2004-Onslaught, gets even l33t-ee-rr. Arrrggghh….shiver me timbers.

Razer Viper

To give me an additional subtle edge over my online opponents, I bought a new mouse. A Razer Viper optical mouse. This was an online purchase, so I probably won’t see it until the middle of next week. Once I get a hold of this mouse, I will be killed once every 12.5 seconds instead of once every 11.9 seconds. Blow me down.

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  1. Does your version have pictures in it? We have here a copy of the manuscript which contains what looks like original photographs. A couple of years ago I made photo copies of the manuscript and gave a copy to each of the Tayler siblings. I think I sent a copy to your mother as well.

    1. Yes, I would love to have a really good copy of those pictures. If you could make a high quality digital image of those pictures, that would be great.

      I am probably working off of the copy you gave my mom. The pictures in there weren’t good to begin with, and scanning them is making them worse. I want to make a high quality book cover, and using one of the original pictures would be ideal.

      Here is an example of how the pictures look after scanning.

      Thanks for any help you can provide.

  2. Oh man, why did you buy a Viper? Can you still cancel the order? Wait a little bit and get a Diamondback. Unless you like playing at really, really high sensitivity, you’re going to hate the viper, as the lens they use to augment the older optical sensor causes poor performance at low sensitivities. You’d be much happier either waiting for a Diamondback, or sticking with a mouse like the MX510.

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