Web Cam

I looked at the calender and it said to me, “you haven’t set up a web cam in over 2 years”. So I set up a web cam.

Let me tell you some stuff before viewing this cam:

It uses a Java applet. So if you have Java disabled in your browser, you won’t be able to view.
This is streaming through IP port 8010. If your firewall blocks port 8010, you won’t be able to view.
I do have logging turned on, so I will know basic network type stuff when you connect.
This java applet is supposed to stream pictures. If it isn’t, hit your browser’s refresh button to give it a kick on the bottom.

Now you are ready to view. Here is your link. I will try not to pick my nose or scratch my nether regions too much.

Chances are, it won’t be up that long. The novelty of a web cam wears off real quick. Plus I eventually get creeped out by having a camera gawking at me. I will edit this post when the day comes to turn it off.

• Update: Took the web cam down Oct 30th.

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