You may have noticed that the previous post was child-like. I had just finished a 14 hour shift, and my brain was reduced to a very primitive state.

Thats kind of confusing… how can I restate this. Imagine an amorphous body with its brain evenly distributed throughout its body. Then imagine %80 of that body being blown away by a plasma grenade. The remaining %20 of the body/brain would have just child-like memories remaining. Thats how my brain was functioning last night when I posted.

Invention Exchange

I was watching the MST3K episode, “Warrior of the Lost World”. This show originally aired back in 1994. During the invention exchange, Joel and the bots introduce, BitterSweets. Little candy hearts with not so romantic sayings on them. Then I see’s bittersweets. Do we have a trademark infringement?

RSS Feeds

I downloaded RSSReader, a program that lets you see a wide variety of posts/news from sites that provide an RSS feed. Livejournal provides RSS feeds of all its blogs/journals. The RSS feed from my blog is If you wanted a feed off of other blogs from this site, just replace wls_xenolith in the above link with the journal of interest username. The RSS feed from LiveJournal is very detailed, almost an entire reproduction of this site can be seen within RSSReader. Kind of cool. Now I need a good web-base RSS reader.

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