So here I sit

I am now waiting for the first set of trick o’ treaters to come a callin’. I have half of a basket full of Snickers waiting for the little brats. After I run out of candy, I will make a break for a party going on at a co-workers. I don’t have a costume. If they mock me for not wearing a costume, I will probably become violent. Which reminds me, I need to bring a toilet plunger for the beatings.

My broadband went down again today, this time for 4 hours. My neighbor has cable TV, and we was out as well. Problems with the lines – hopefully a permanent fix is coming. It is at this time I wish I had DSL as well. Then I would have a backup. I had both cable and DSL at my old house. I used the cable connection for goofing around, and the DSL connection to run game servers. If I lost the cable connection, I just plugged into the DSL router. This is not an option here because DSL is not available here. That would be one good thing about moving to the Chanhassen area (I applied for job there), more broadband options.

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