Temperature Roller coaster

The high temperature yesterday in Duluth was 31 degrees F, and the low last night was -18… a 49 degree swing. An even bigger swing is seen at Bigfork Minnesota, with a high of 34 and a low of -26… a 60 degree difference. The high for tomorrow is expected to approach 30 degrees again in Duluth. Then the temperature falls off the table for Tuesday with lows reaching for -20. This next cold snap will hit and stick a little longer, without a warm up expected until just before Christmas. Not the biggest swings in temperature ever seen, but neat just the same.

Last night was the biggest test for the insulation of this house. The double glazed windows had frost (some thick) on them, while the triple glazed windows only had a small amount of wet condensation. Looks like I need to make an investment in some panes of glass. I am really surprised not all of the windows in this house were triple glazed, considering the previous owner was a firm believer in over doing things.

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