My Dryer

You’ve been requesting it, you have been patiently waiting for weeks on end, and now that day is here. What will now follow is the official clothes dryer blog entry.

Let us set the table first (that’s a metaphor, people). It never got above -4 deg F here yesterday. I was doing a load of laundry in preparation for my trip to the Twin Cities today. I wash, then dry this load of laundry. I am then propelled at faster than the speed of light into a brick wall, which zips me back in time. Oh wait, that last bit wasn’t me. That is in the music video I am watching… sorry about that.

All right, it is now 2 hours after the clothes dryer has stopped. I reach into the dryer, the clothes are dry, but they are frigid cold. I look up at dryer vent’s duct work. There is frost on the sheet metal. I am now imagining dollars upon dollars floating away via my heating bill.

I have been gathering lint from laundry loads and just throwing the lint on top of the dryer. It was now time for that lint to earn its keep. I detach the sheet metal duct piping form the dryer vent. I then start jamming lint into the vent. The lint is not enough, so I grab some rags and jam them into the hole as well. I then duct tape some cardboard over the opening to prevent critters from burrowing into my house, looking for some warmth.

Now I have the dryer venting into my house. Makes sense to me. The warm air and moisture from the dryer will now go to heating my house instead of the neighborhood. It is an electric dryer so I don’t have the carbon monoxide worries that I would with gas dryer. I guess some of the fibers from my clothes could give off bad fumes after being heated. I doubt that is a concern.

What is a concern is the lint dispersing as it comes out of the dryer. I don’t need any more dust in the house. I take a nylon stocking (I don’t wear women’s clothing, so get that thought out of your mind, yah freak) and put it over the end of the vent tube. That should take care of any lint that might want to spread through the basement.

So that is my story. Me, a dryer, and 50 flower children practicing free love.

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