Trillian 3.0

About once a year, I give Instant Messenging another try. With the release of Trillian 3.0, another attempt is here. I tried Trillian a long time ago, but found the user interface at that time confusing. Looks like they have solved those problems with this version.

So I now have all of the main IM accounts running through this one user interface. Really slick. I am going to run Trillian on my laptop and have it going full time. The laptop will usually be sitting right next to my desktop computer.

So here is your info if you want to IM me, the list is in my preference.

AIM: xenozoyx
ICQ: 11642431
Yahoo! ID: zoyx2000
MSN Username:

Don’t expect fast responses from me. I don’t think I will ever be a big fan of IM or anything resembling online chat, but I do see a purpose for it.

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