Still Sicky-Poo

Round 2 of my cold from heck is proceeding quite nicely. Still have the sore throat and post-nasal flow. That punching bag thing (what is that thing called anyway?) in the back of my throat is about 3 times normal size right now.

I went to work today. Looking at the schedule, there really wasn’t anyone who could cover for me. So I sucked it up and went to work. Only worked 7 hours though. My relief came in an hour early.

I have the weekend off. Hopefully this thing will have run its course by then.

Oh please, let my post nasal drip turn into full frontal flow by morning. I would much rather carry a tissue around with me than deal with this sore throat. Nothing has worked to get rid of it. That spray stuff, watermelon flavored cold drops, gargling with salt water have all failed.

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