FM 89.3 – The Current

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) bought out a local Twin Cities college radio station. The new format for this station started today. 89.3 The Current is now on the air.

I am currently listening to Mary Lucia. This is a familiar voice. She has been on 105 FM (in its various incarnations) for some time. Her format on The Current so far is a bit more beyond main-stream alternative (think that one through) music she played on 105 FM. I have yet to recognize a song. This is a good thing.

The Current is broadcasting non main-stream music, in a professional manner. Non main-stream in this case means not the music that the RIAA feels like ramming down the average person’s throat. As much as I respect college radio, and the service they provide to up and coming bands, I do prefer high production quality in my radio stations. This station does have top-notch talent running the place.

Another good thing is that the station is streamed. So you out there in internet-land can listen. One stream uses the AACPlus format. It is possible to get FM quality (they claim CD quality, I beg to differ) streaming from 48 kbits/sec. So in theory, you can listen to this stream on a dial-up connection. The latest version of WinAmp supports AACPlus natively .

I am probably glowing too much on a station that has only been on the air for less than a day. To be honest, I probably won’t listen all that much. In the core, I am still an Industrial/Techno guy. This station will be a good change of pace for me on occasion.

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