All Sorts of Good Material

A friend of mine gave me all sorts of stuff to share with you.

Item #1: Want to get out of jury duty? Act unbalanced.

Item #2: As mentioned in previous posts, I want to get a vasectomy. Well will you looky there, a do-it-yourself vasectomy kit. That will save me whole bunches of money.

Item #3: Speaking of do-it-yourself operations. My friend swears she has an unruptured cerebral aneurysm. She is strongly considering doing her own trepanation. Wow what a great idea! Those trepanations look like they are good for anything. I was thinking that boring a hole in my skull just might be the ticket to let the excess triglycerides ooze out of my body.

Item #4: Grandmas Marathon registration started a few days back. Holy cow, $65 to torture yourself. Sounds like fun, lets do it.

Item #5: An Iowa legislator wants daylight savings time year round. A very unscientific web poll found that 2/3 of Iowans are in favor of such a move. Go Iowa. Hopefully this idea will spread to Minnesota. If not, I will gladly move to Iowa. God I hate standard time.

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