Record Snow

We’ve had a lot of snow here in Duluth. We are only 1 inch away from the all-time January record. The January record is 46.8″ set in 1969. We have had 45.7″ so far this month. You now know one of the reasons why my back decided to give out a couple weeks back.

Central Illinois

It is partly because of this past winter, I am strongly considering applying for a job that opened in Central Illinois. Change that “strongly considering applying” to “going to apply”. We have 31 inches officially on the ground at the Duluth weather office. The amount of snow on the ground at the Central Illinois office? That would be one whole inch.


I have a case of midnight-itis right now. Worked a midnight shift last night and just woke up. Nasty headache right now, although it seems to be fading. Before I went to bed this morning, I called my clinic about getting a prescription to Provigil. The drug was originally for narcolepsy, but was recently expanded by the FDA to include “Shift Work Sleep Disorder”. This disorder is “Characterized by extreme sleepiness, insomnia, headaches and difficulty concentrating”. Sounds like me.

The clinic just called back and said that this is a strong drug meant for narcolepsy. Not for keeping awake during a midnight shift. The doctor sounds like he is not up on his reading. They recommended that I go to their sleep disorder clinic. This is a straight forward diagnosis. I don’t think going to their clinic is necessary. I need a new doctor.


Went to a fun get-together Saturday. Met some old friends from my college days in the mid-80s. Highlights were the Mexican food, hot tub, the Newfoundland dog and a “chippy” game of trivial pursuit (you to the box, 2 minutes for roughing). I was all set to embellish some good stories from this gathering, but the headache prevents me. So I will just say, fun was had by all.

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