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Making all sorts of changes to this ( blog. I have added a few themes and plugins. This is probably a bad idea. WordPress alone has fairly hardened security. These 3rd party add-ons, however, probably have scores of attack vectors. We shall proceed recklessly.

So now the Zoyx blog has a theme for a normal desktop browser. I did not get rid of the thin and light theme for your mobile device. But for Ipad users, they get special treatment – a 3rd theme just for these hoo-hahs. The Ipad version does look pretty cool…  it has metro style tiles for an opening screen. Then has that swipe to view that is popular with tablet optimized magazines. I have no idea if this theme will work with the upcoming retina display in the next Ipad. Probably need a 4th theme for when this 3rd generation Ipad uses its lasers to blast websites on to your eyes.

Another plugin I added allows viewers to login using their favorite social network for commenting. Again, taking a bit of risk here. Using a free service called OneAll. I did no background check on these fellas. If these guys are idiots that are cloning Hitlers in a downtown warehouse somewhere, let me know. They do seem legit from the little I have seen so far.

One thing I have learned about blogging is that you need to add a picture or video to attract those eyeballs. So without further ado:

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