Love is Afraid of Me

I called up this morning, first time in months. There she was, the picture was an eye grabber. To me she looked very cosmopolitan. In other words, she didn’t look like she came from around these parts. My instincts were correct, she was orginally from the Lake Minnetonka area, near the cities. When I read her profile, it sounded like she was looking for a down to earth guy. Thats me! So I pull out the credit card, activated my old account, and then fired off one of my patented quirky notes. To make a long story short, 9 hours later I check, and her account is gone. I just know she cancelled because of me. Can’t say that I blame her. Oh, in case you were wondering, I didn’t point her toward this blog. So that isn’t what creeped her out.

I did manage to do a few more things today. All right just one other thing. I changed the oil in the lawn mower and the snow blower. I should be set in that department. Looks like I need to lube up the auger and chain before I store the snow blower. I wasn’t planning on buying a grease gun, but looks like I will have to.

Before this last cold snap, the Duluth average temperature for the month of April was above the all time record. On March 22nd, I still had 2 feet of snow on the ground. On April 22nd, the yard raking is done and the grass is long enough to be cut. I don’t think I mentioned this, but International Falls hit 84 on April 19th. I meant to check it at the time, but I think the Falls was nearly the hot spot in the country that day. This cool snap will dash our dreams of an all time “hot” April. I’m not complaining, I am just ecstatic that the fucking snow is gone.

I just received a work related cash award today. This was an office wide award for our work during the winter. We had a very busy winter, and we did an excellent job. Our verification statistics for this past winter’s storms were the best since I moved here. It was pretty much a team effort. The more knowledgable winter time forecasters, helped out the winter forecasting “noobs”. Multiple eyes were always looking at upcoming situations and well thought out consensus forecasts were issued. Even though it seemed like I spent half of the winter sick with some bug or another, and even though I hate fucking snow, this was a very rewarding season concerning my job.

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