Weird Dream Time

I partially blame my cousin for this dream.

The “hero” in my dream is an older man and is wheel chair bound. He has a “side kick” to help push him around. They are in a house and a lioness is set free somehow. Our hero and sidekick go up to the second floor and out to a balcony. The sidekick then bails out by jumping to the ground from the balcony. The lioness then mauls our hero while stuck on the balcony. Many witnesses to this mauling because this balcony is over a populated street.

We then transfer over to a lab. We see the sidekick pull out a block of ice from a large refrigerated room. Inside the block are three bodies. The sidekick then chips out one of the bodies and lays it on a table. He then takes a little girl and attached electrodes to her head. These electrodes lead to the chipped out body. The sidekick throws the switch. The ex-frozen body comes to life. It is the wheel chair guy’s soul now in this body. The girl is little shaken up, but otherwise fine. Apparently the little girl was used for “soul storage”.

The dream doesn’t end there. This hero is apparently the leader of a crime fighting team for which I am a member. I then find myself in an A-Team style shooting match where thousands of bullets are flying, but no one gets hurt. The van we were driving is so full of bullets, that it collapses. In the end I am taking cover under a lawn mower (makes sense since I worked on a mower during the past day). The villain gives up but under one condition, that he gets to talk to the “little girl”.

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