The Riding Lawn Mower Works

I haven’t used the riding lawn mower since last August. I prefer using the push mower. I revved up the riding lawn mower yesterday to see if it still worked. It did! I dropped in some STP gas treatment to clean out any gunk that may have accrued in the past 8 months. I then did 20 minutes worth of lawn cutting. Hopefully that 20 minutes of nearly full throttle cleaned out the carburetor.

The city came in with their estimated property taxes for next year. The estimated market value of my house went up %5… exactly %5. Suspicious. A good guess is that they used a formula.

During the day yesterday, I saw a black Ford F150 truck stop across the street from me. Looked like a couple doing a Sunday drive, and my log home caught their eye. They then proceeded to drive into my driveway to get a closer look. This is when I should of walked out and talked to them. Might have talked them into buying the place. I have my price. After gawking for a couple of minutes, they moved on.

Two people I know are in the middle of medical crises. One has the bubonic plague. The CDC has been called in and he is under quarantine. I am afraid he will have to be euthanized to prevent the spread. Like Spock said, “Sacrifice one for the many, now let me place my soul inside of you”. The other friend is having a couple of “cysts” removed, one in his neck and the other in his shoulder. Cysts my ass! “They” are planting tracking and bugging devices inside of him. Oh those bastards are a bunch of conniving brass monkeys, witches and well-diggers aren’t they. Well you can read about these medical dramas as they unfold here. I recommend that you download the quicktime video that is linked in the first post.

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      1. As far as they can tell, it’s just a bad cold that hit me really hard at a bad time. I’m on some kind of industrial strength anti-histamine, in conjunction with an expectorant, copious amounts of Ibuprofen, and cough syrup.

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