More … Fucking … Snow

Beginning a little after midnight, we’ve been getting squalls of snow moving through the area. The snow isn’t sticking, but it is still annoying the heck out of me. The cat is annoyed as well. I let him out, and he is back scratching at the sliding door screen within 10 minutes. His pacing in the house is driving me nuts. He is now sitting on the table next to me and staring at me.

I found a computer case that I must have, the Aspire X-QPACK. The blue one that I want is sold out, but this silver faced one is in stock. This case only takes micro-ATX motherboards. I was hoping that one of my computers was using microATX boards so I had an excuse to buy the case. No such luck.

I set up my projector so I could play games with it. I tried this before using a 6 foot wide screen. It is possible to have too big of a screen, because I managed to get motion sickness playing on this big of a projection. Another problem with this big of a projection is that your direct vision sees a smaller portion of the display. You have to dart your eyes around more to see what is going on. Yesterday I shrank the projection down to 4 feet. This worked well. No motion sickness and I didn’t get fatigued from trying to follow the action.

Here is a picture of my setup. That “screen” is a 4′ x 4′ sheet of 1/4″ plywood, painted with Latex Kilz. The computer is behind me as I sit at that table. I am using USB extension cables to get the USB keyboard and mouse to reach the folding table. You can see one of the speakers on the floor near the wall to the left. A window with plants is behind the screen. That glass used to contain OvalQuik… it didn’t stand a chance. This folding table is the place that the cat is sitting on right now… still staring me.

I am going to buy a real projector screen… one that is on a tripod and is portable. I don’t like the hanging sheet of plywood. It works well but it looks a bit tacky.

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