Where is it?

I ordered a projector screen. Apparently I could of had it yesterday, but the truck dude decided not to deliver (reference tracking info). I was sleeping on the living room futon, so you would of thought I would of heard a knock on the door. The cat usually panics when there is a knock and adds to the noise. Well now I wait for them to deliver today.

Weather sucks again today. Another snow squall went through an hour or so ago. The lawn is getting quite long in parts. I really don’t feel like cutting the lawn when the temperature is 39 degrees. I did fight the cold to remove a portion of heat shield from the bottom of my car. This piece of metal was rusting and was coming loose. The loose metal was rattling and annoying the {place you own word here} out of me. I took a tin snips and finished the job that the rust had started.

I am downloading the linux Steam dedicated server right now. The goal is to get a house Counter-Strike Server running with bots on it. For some reason, when I run a listen server, my computer locks up. This doesn’t happen when I hook up to a remote server. Might even open this server up to the ‘net so a friend can join in.

Update: As I am typing this, the screen was delivered. Pretty much shoots down any hope of drama that I was trying to build.

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