Must Update

If I don’t update, there are certain folks that just go nuts. I frankly don’t want to be responsible for someone being committed to the funny farm.

I opened up a friendster account. I’m afraid! I received my first e:mail via friendster this morning and the person on the other end seems to be psychotic. He/she doesn’t seem to know what gender they are and what town they are from. I sent a friendly note back to this person, maybe I will get a clarification. If I find out that they are part Klingon, I will start to run. Run very far away.

I received a couple of free linux books from the local LUG. I have yet to go to any meetings of this particular LUG. I was a member of another LUG, but that one went belly up just a few months ago. This one seems to be somewhat active, although they don’t have any meetings planned at the moment. I would love to be a presenter at one of their meetings, but the only thing I could present is setting up a Counter-Strike server.

On the way back from picking up these books, I stopped at a couple of garage sales. The best nick-nack seen? An old seat from the demolished Met Center.

A little computer humor. If you are not a computer geek, what happens will probably go over your head. Then again it might not.

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