Math as Plot Device

Saw the movie “Lost Highway” for the second time last night. This is the Möbius strip movie by David Lynch. If you take the end of the film, and suture it to the start of the film, you get the infinite highway that is this  movie. During the movie, you get to visit both sides of the strip that you just taped together. A really clever concept.

There are other things going on in this movie, but I am just not deep enough to analyze them. There are movie nerds out there that are more than happy to tackle this though. Take this smart fellow, for example.

I tried to think of another movie that used a math premise to frame a movie plot. The first one to pop into my mind was “Inception“. The dreams within dreams narrative is kind of cool. But with that movie, you kept zooming in on the plot. Like a fractal, each zoom level was just as detailed as the level above it. You can zoom in forever on a fractal, and it will never lose detail, but whole new worlds will open up.

Kind of like “Horton Hears a Who!“.

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