The Plague

Now I have leg acne. The current count now is 8 zits on the front of my thighs. They all look puss-filled and ready to explode. I talked to the Zoyx physician and I have the plague. No doubts. While I was at the doctor yesterday, I should of dropped my drawers, turned around, and started screaming, “LOOK AT MY ASS, LOOK AT MY ASS. CAN’T YOU SEE THE WEEPING SORES? I’M DIEING AND NO ONE CARES!!!“.

It is nearly 2 PM and it is about time for my Kegel Exercises. The problem I am facing is, why? Why do these exercises, when it is becoming more and more apparent I am never going to have sex again for the remainder of my life. As you can see, the plague has also affected my emotions and self-esteem.

I just realized the picture I posted in the previous post is evidence that I brought a bike on to the Grandma’s Marathon course. I am expecting a call from The Bike Nazi at any moment. I will, of course, deny everything.

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