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It is now day five of my sore throat. A week with the canker sores. Of the original four canker sores, only one is still a nuisance. Yesterday I discovered a fifth canker sore, and that is the one causing me the most grief at the moment. One piece of solace is that I have not had a fever with this virus, and my energy hasn’t been reduced by too great of an amount.

I have just started a batch of midnight shifts… last night was the first of four. My two week vacation starts after I am done with these “middies”. All I have got to say is, I better be over this bug by the end of this stretch of shifts, or I shall vent my anger on… on… something. Actually what will happen is that I will just compose another angry post like this. That’ll teach that mean ol’ nasty virus.

While typing this I realized that the results of my TSH test might be in. I ran out to the mail box, and there they were. The test shows that I am “under active at my current thyroid replacement dose”. These results are from a different lab. Well crap. More drugs for Xeno. Fuck drugs.

Update: Here are the TSH test numbers for future reference.

Feb 11: 9.6
Feb 23: 6.2
June 27: 10.24

High normal is 5.6.

Curious. The number went up, even though I have been taking 100 MCG of Levothyroxine daily since March 3rd.

Just did a pill count… I took only 100 pills in the 120 days since I started taking Levothyroxine. We (we = me) probably should make a better effort, eh.

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