Minnesota Muskies

Back in 1967-68, Minnesota had an ABA franchise, the Muskies. They played really well, but still didn’t draw crowds. So they only lasted the one season. More history is on the TimberWolves site.

The TimberWolves are doing something I hope the Vikings pick up on – wearing Muskies throwback uniforms 6 times this season. If we can get the Vikings to become the Duluth Eskimos for one week a year, that would make my day. Plus some extra cash in merchandising for the Vikings.

One disappointment, no Red/White/Blue basketball. I begged my parents for a Red/White/Blue basketball when I was a kid. They first got me a cheap Voit Red/White/Blue basketball, that quickly faded. It became, essentially, a white basketball by the end of the summer. Finally in my mid-teens a got a real Red/White/Blue basketball. So cool. The NBA needs to bring that back on occasion.

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