From the Zoyx Attorney

Apparently the Zoyx Attorney is getting some continuing education. Here is a quick anecdote she sent me…

I had to take CLE’s to keep the old Zoyx attorney in good standing. Mostly boring stuff except for the medical examiner’s real slides of baby brains, eyeballs and other gore. Put me right off my feed.

The other fun one was on gambling presented by a guy from the Dept. of … oh shit… gambling… anyway, they screen the games for content, artwork, cheating, etc. One rejected was a Dukes of Hazard theme scratch-off called —- and they made a guy attorney read it out loud and he DIDN’T get it — “MY DIXIE WRECKED”. Mouth it, or say it out loud — either way. Can you tell why it got rejected?

In other news… I am healed enough from my procedure right now, so that when “my dixie wrecked”, I don’t feel any pain.

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