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I am going to try and move out of the log home within the next year. Now that I have a second home (Little Canada Condo), I am now feeling a bit of a pinch financially. So the goal is to sell this place and move into a much cheaper condo somewhere in Duluth. Preferably one that is about half the price of my current place. Then I will be doing the dual condo thing, one in Duluth and one near the Twin Cities.

The original plan was to buy, then move to the new condo. Then rent out the log home. The rental market here in Duluth does not favor landlords right now. A bit of an excess of rental property. With interest rates so low, it is cheaper to own instead of rent. So there is a shortage of renters. My log home may be an exception. There probably is a shortage of good family rental property, and this log home would be very enticing to a family just moving up to this part of the world.

But I have since talked myself out of that idea. With all of the debt I would be taking on, the profits would be slim at best. So I will probably test the market here shortly with the log home. Probably take the hit on the capital gains taxes if it sells before the two year ownership mark.

So meanwhile, I am now waiting for the installer to come to set up a DirectTV Dish. The window of arrival was between 8 AM and Noon. We are now past 1 PM. The installer dude did call me at 1030 AM saying he would be a bit late. It is nice to know he is out there somewhere.

The goal is to setup DirectTV for two rooms. One here in Hermantown, and one in Little Canada. The DirectTV install guy will set up the two rooms here at the log home, I will then move one of the receivers to Little Canada. Probably purchase one of these portable satellite dishes for the condo.

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