All Creation Has the Promise of Heaven, and Still You Travel the Road to Hell

Okay, who let the retards out of the zoo?

I am driving to work at around 1135 PM last night, just a two mile commute. About three quarters of mile of the journey is on US 53, a four lane highway. I get on from Lavaque, and immediately go into the left lane going eastbound, because I need to whip a shitty to back track to the office (on US 53 westbound).

As soon as I get settled in the left lane, a westbound car flashes his headlights. I check my high beams, they are good. I am thinking during my turn onto the highway, I must of hit a bump and gave the impression of high beams. Two more sets of headlight, apparently side by side going west bound. The one to the left flashes his headlights.

It finally registers what is going on. The set of headlights to the right are heading straight for me in my lane!

Holy Shit, evasive action! I plunge all the way to the right and to the shoulder. We pass safely (obviously). In my rear view mirror, I see that the wrong way car is applying his brakes. Did my quick jerk out of his way, finally wake him/her up from whatever altered state they were in?

I go to work, tell my tale to my co-workers, I get my shift briefing. One of the guys I am relieving is going west bound on US 53 for his trip home. He cell phones back to us as he is traveling on US 53, that there was a shitload of cop cars around a car. Chances are it was my buddy.

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