Hurricane Katrina

I worked for the National Weather Service at the Slidell, LA office from 1992 to 1994 (Slidell is just northeast of New Orleans). So I have some friends down in harms way of Katrina right now. This hurricane is not taking the worst case scenario path from what I can see. Still going to cause widespread damage and people will lose their lives. Not a good situation.

The radar picture to the right is from the Slidell radar. Looks like my comrades are keeping the radar going as of 8:43 AM this morning. I am sure they are on generator power by now. The radar image also indicates that the worst part of the hurricane is yet to come… probably over the next few hours.

Update: KLIX radar’s last image came in around 900 AM. Could be the actual radar failing or just a communications failure. Probably both. Some reports of New Orleans levee breaching have come in. This is bad.

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  1. Need info on Greenbriar nursing home…Slidell

    My Dad is elderly, handicapped, and a resident of Greenbriar nursing home on Robert Blvd. in Slidell.
    I am desperately trying to find out any information re:status since Katrina hit.
    If anyone knows condition of area and specifficley 505 Robert Blvd. PLEASE contact me. I have never been on this site and do not know how to navigate around so please email me with Greenbriar in subject line.

    In case I filled out something wrong please send this post to a public area that people interested in Slidell and that maybe can help me will see it. Thank you

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