The Switch

The switch from MediaCom cable TV to DirecTV was completed about a week ago. Today I got the call that ClearWire was now available in my area. I jumped on it. After the guy called, he was here installing it within a couple hours.

The ping times are equivalent, or even slightly better than what I was getting with Media Com. No lost packets either while playing games. This connection isn’t quite as good as what I was getting with Charter down on Park Point, but it will suffice.

The connection is through the air. They have a transmitter/receiver on the cell phone towers around town. ClearWire apparently has a monopoly on a frequency spectrum (around 2.5 Ghz). This helps in reducing interference, and works as somewhat of a security feature. Here is the press release that announced their initial launch in Jacksonville, FL.

This service is also a bit more flexible. I can take my modem into Duluth and use it there. This means I can bring my laptop and modem over to GoatGirl’s, and not fight her dial-up connection.

Tomorrow, the MediaCom guy will be dropping by to disconnect my MediaCom connection, and pick up my TV box and broadband modem. Could be the end of an era.

In the, “how did they do that” department. The web host for is out of New Orleans. This web host is still up and running, and never went down during the hurricane. The blog where they brag.

Update: ClearWire just went belly up on me. Probably not ready for prime time. I will have to have a chit-chat with them in the morning. Maybe I will keep my MediaCom internet connection up for a bit longer.

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