I need to watch my snark

When I added some add-ons to the zoyx.com blog, I made a somewhat snarky comment about OneAll. I won’t repeat it here, read the entry. The guy who runs this fine service must of had his google alerts working, because he left a comment for me on Tumblr.

No, we are not idiots cloning Hitlers – just geeks trying to build something useful 😉 Thank you for using our plugin! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Claude, founder of oneall. Back to cloning … uhm programming now 😉

It’s all in good fun, and I am glad he took my post like that. He scored positive points with me. If he had been a member of the literal internet, might not have been as fun of a comment.


I haven’t met either one of these folks, just a fan of their clever tweets. Nothing clever here, just happy hellos. Cheers. Drink.