Golf Club to the Face

Good Friday is the day I celebrate getting hit in the face with a golf club back in 1978. You would think I would remember with the 34 year old teeth bridge still in my mouth. It was this event that steered me toward science, and away from a modeling career.

Brain Damage

I did a run after work in the bustling town of Farmington. I made the mistake of running in the park after dark, that had no lighting. There is a railroad bridge that goes through that park. The clearance is low going underneath that bridge. I hit my head on the bridge. Fortunately I was walking, not running, or I would of been knocked cold. Instead I have a read mark and a bump.

Brushes with Fame

My brush with fame this evening. A Jesse Thorn ( tweet-up. Below is Jesse holding court. The best story of the evening involved Nazi POWs attempting to escape a camp in Arizona.

He also shared some gossip. I told him I was going to blog about it and I am true to my word. So this is what I am allowed to say publicly…

After the tweet-up, I went to Pizza Luce downtown. Ian Rans ( was hosting Triviasco. I ate an appetizer while he barked out the occasional Irish themed question. None of which I knew the answer to without lycosing.

Whine Post

I haven’t posted in awhile because of a combination of being busy and being in an ugly mood. The main things I have been busy with is applying for jobs, completing my Security+ certification and buying/selling arcade machines. So yeah, that’s the good news in my life, obtaining that CompTIA Securty+ certification.

My list of reasons I am surly:

1) Cerave doesn’t work, sorry.  Three days after that earlier post praising Cerave, my finger tips started peeling, cracking and bleeding. I am in the middle of one of my worst eczema episodes. I’m still using it – I still hope that the next episode won’t be as severe. Not to hopeful, however, but I don’t have anything else to try right now.

2) The NWS is contracting. Being in a contracting organization isn’t fun. Morale takes a dive, along with your ambition. Especially when the first target for cuts is the position you are striving for.

3) Not much movement on the sale of my house.

4) My computer cluster in my basement isn’t working at the moment. One of the nodes doesn’t boot. First thing I am going to try is swap out the power supply.

5) I sold my Track & Field arcade game. While moving it, I tweaked my back. Stiffening as I type this, so I can’t straighten up. This will be a good thing in the end though. I purchased a Mr. Do machine (below), and selling the Track and Field keeps me clutter neutral.

6) Tron Guy blocked me on Google+. It involved a post in which Judge Judy “nails” a black guy for not using his social program money appropriately. I made a comment that Tron Guy had all sorts of hate for a black guy who “games” a social program, but when a rich white guy is guilty of fraud, he should get a free pass. I think the insinuated racism made him angry, so he brought out his Baninnator. Which is probably for the best, I really shouldn’t associate myself with his ilk. He is proof that there are bad nerds.

I’m Busy

No time to post to my blog. I have higher callings. Job interview to prep for, Security+ certification exam to study for and I got an Atari Lynx off of Ebay.

In the meantime, an old picture of me. Let’s see here…

  • Acid-washed jeans
  • Mullet
  • Homemade tie-die (actually spray paint)
  • Hacky-sack

So very 1989. Taken while I was living in Rapid City, in the SDSM&T dorm room. What you see here is the male bonding ritual of the time. I am pretty sure I still have that shirt.

Rosa Parks Featherlite Peanut Butter Pancakes

In honor of International Pancake Day, I wanted to make pancakes for lunch. Since it was Black History Month, why not Rosa Parks featherlite peanut butter pancakes.

I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I did some improvising. Used wheat flour instead of white flour, and almond butter instead of peanut butter. Then I used dried egg whites instead of real eggs. That last substitution is not recommended. The final product fell apart easily. If I remember my home economics, eggs act as a binding agent. The dried egg whites failed me here.

The result was quite yummy. Also quite filling. I was only able to eat half of the 16 small pancakes I made. So I will be eating the remainder tomorrow.

Atari Lynx

I was inspired by the Classic Game Room review of the Atari Lynx. There is actually some titles for the Lynx that I would like to play, so I leaped on to Ebay. So like I always do, I over-payed for an Atari Lynx II with 27 games. I have never owned a hand-held game console. No gameboy or Vita for me. Well, I have if you include those Mattel hand-helds from the 70s. And I did buy that Dingoo A320.

I did this at a time when I am trying to get rid of crap. So I need to get rid of two things to compensate for taking on this one thing. Time to go into the retro collection pile and find some things to sell or toss out. I really don’t want the label of being a hoarder.

CeraVe Day 6

I received my first big tub of CeraVe last Tuesday. I have been using it ever since fairly diligently. I took an empty hotel shampoo mini-bottle and filled with CeraVe, and I plopped it into my pocket. I am trying to reapply every time I wash my hands or after a couple hours. Also occasionally apply to my feet, but not quite as frequently.

The conclusion after this brief period:  Not a cure, but an excellent treatment. My immune system is still attacking my skin. The steroid goop is supposed to suppress this, but failing. I can feel my skin is thickening with time. But the CeraVe seems to be preventing my skin from chalking, peeling, cracking then bleeding. I am very pleased so far. I appear to finally have something, after over a decade of trying to figure something out.

I purchased this initial tub off of Amazon. Nearly $17 for 16 ounces. I went to two Cubs and a Super Target, but no CeraVe. Today I went to the Shakopee Walgreens, and they had the big tub, as well as an even pricier pump bottle. No price break – the price to have Amazon ship it to my house was the same as buying it at Walgreens. But Walgreens did have a generic knock-off. Simply called “Moisturizing Lotion with Ceramides”. Ceramides is the magic ingredient here. The generic went for $11 for 12 ounces in a pump bottle. I purchased one and will give it a try.

So it would appear I have a victory in this latest round of set-backs I have had lately. I can’t say my mood has dramatically improved, but I think outside elements are preventing that  from occurring. This is a beauty cream, maybe if I used it on my face as well.

Nerd vs Geek

I’m witty, but a slow wit. I was in a conversation a couple weekends ago, that involved whether a person was a geek or a nerd. The people at the table were proudly saying they were geeks, not nerds. The conversation desperately needed some snark injected, that I knew. Being a bit slow, nothing popped into my head at the time. But 8 days later, I finally have my snappy line. Here it comes:

A geek cares about the difference between a geek and a nerd. A nerd doesn’t care.

Given, I probably would of been slapped upside the head for that comment (I’m socially inept after-all), but it would of been worth it. Below is the Venn diagram for future reference. Now shut-up nerds.

Enough of this Cold

It’s between me and you viruses. You’ve been in my body and brain for long enough. I am going to sit outside in this snow in just my gym clothes and wait you out. If I die, you die. So if I were you, I would just mellow out on attacking me. You’ve had your fun, time to go away.