Gopher Women’s Volleyball Team in Title Match

The Minnesota Gopher women beat the defending volleyball champions, USC, last night in semi-final action last night. Now they will play Stanford Saturday afternoon for the championship. Taking a look at past champions, volleyball is almost owned by west coast teams. So having an upper midwest team sneak in and take the championship, would be quite the event. Actually the Gophers aren’t sneaking in. They were ranked number one at one time during the season. People who have been following the team aren’t at all surprised.

Last night’s game with USC will be rebroadcast on ESPN2 today at 2 PM central time.

Road to Recovery

I seem to have turned the proverbial corner with this cold. My life has been virus-centric for the past few days, and I am anxious for that to end. I haven’t been off my property since I left work Sunday afternoon. This adds new definition to “Cabin Fever”.

Well here is my current condition. The fever now seems to be controllable by drugs again. The post-nasal drip and associated sore throat have nearly come to an end. Also associated with the back flowing boogers was that I nearly lost my voice yesterday. The voice seems to be stronger today. I am still hacking and coughing though, and the chest still has some tightness. The snot is thickening in consistency which is a real good sign. Remember that slime that they sold for kids to play with back in the early 80s? Almost that thick now.

I took one more day off from work tonight. If I keep recovering like this I see no problem working Friday night.

Answering Machine

My answering machine isn’t working. I set the message. The machine seems to work when I test it with my cell phone. When someone actually does call, the answering machine just hangs up on them after 3 rings.

I checked with Qwest on their voice mail. Looks like it is $8/month. Too much considering how few calls I receive. So it is back to Amazon to buy another answering machine.

Damn Cold

This was the worst day for the cold. I guess Sunday would be the first day that I felt like a cold was coming on. I was only snuffly, no fever or sore throat that day. First fever was Sunday night. I was able to control that fever with Ibuprofen… until today. I was feverish today even though I was pounding the Ibuprofen. I switched to Acetaminophen to see if that would get the fever and it seems to have knocked it down so I can at least function. Also today was the worst day for the sore throat and cough. So I decided I needed to miss tonight’s shift at work. Try again tomorrow.

Otherwise, this 40 year old could use some good old fashion motherly sympathy.

Next topic…

It got up into the 30s today with some sunshine. I have a slippery metal roof with snow on it. The avalanches of snow off of my roof are really loud. Not a good thing when you are trying to sleep a fever off. Scared the crap out of me a couple times.

Animated gif

You’re home sick, what do you do? You doodle on your computer. Below is an animated gif I made up from the “Straight Up” video I liked (see a couple posts back).

A Tube Berger Please

Still have the cold. Woke up this morning with a weak fever. The ibuprofen that I took seems to be working its magic on this fever.

Well thank god for Chrissie Hynde. I discovered that WinAmp has some streamable videos available in their media library. That is where I discovered the “Straight Ahead” video. You would think an 80s icon collaborating with a couple of “House” DJs would be the road to obscurity. You would be wrong. This song would of been the feel good hit of the Summer… if I had discovered it back then. I have probably streamed that video at least 20 times. Maybe it isn’t just the music. Maybe the giant dancing deep sea diver and his scuba diving friends also have something to do with my love for this song.

More Stuff

• Watched “Trainspotting” last night. It was an interesting slice of heroin-laced Scottish life, but still didn’t enjoy the movie. Hard to root for the characters when they keep doing retarded things. It did have interesting fashion. For instance one of the characters had a short shirt exposing his mid-rif. I seem to remember guys use to dress that way in the U.S. back in the mid-80s.

• I have a cold, I’m home sick today. I had a fever last night, but that seems to have waned for the moment. Still achy and snuffly. I have the next couple of days off, so hopefully I can make it back to work Thursday.

• I discovered “Lux“. This is a computerized version of Risk. The game’s main feature is the online play built-in. I have only played against the computer so far. Risk is about the only board game that I play these days, and even that is rare. The cool thing about the computer version is that each game takes considerably less time compared to its table top counterpart. There is no visible dice throwing, the computer decides who loses armies in each attack.

• My cable internet connection was finally fixed. For the past 3 weeks or so I have been having intermittent disconnects. Whenever a tech visited my house, the connection was up so they couldn’t trace the problem. Finally on Saturday night, the connection went out for good. The problem was one of the taps out on the street somewhere. The forwarding tap was working fine, but the reverse tap (needed for internet) was going bad. So the bad tap was replaced, and things seem to be working fine.

Kansas City Wrap-up

I spent three days of this past week in Kansas City. I was there for a work related class. Here are the highlights…

• I rented a car locally with Connecticut license plates. It was a zippy 3.0L Dodge Stratus. A little more pep compared to my Subaru Forrester. Even with the beefier engine, I didn’t like the car overall. I don’t like riding that low to the road. The low riding resulted in poor visibility when looking back at my blind spots. Insult to injury, the CD player didn’t work either. There aren’t many quality radio stations in some of those quiet Iowa locations.

• There was a restaurant within walking distance of where I stayed called the “Puffy Taco” (a review). I never ate there, but I did see the sign in front. The font chosen for the sign made the the letter F’s look like the letter S. I shall let you conjure up your own jokes from there.

• A fellow classmate was from the office I interned at, in Slidell, LA. Thankfully we were never co-workers at the same time. Otherwise I might of received ribbing about not wearing socks, etc. I looked at an old picture of me from those days. Yep, I would have to call that a mullet I was sporting back in 1992.

• My poor cat. He spent 4 days at my sisters. My sister’s daughter gave birth to my 3rd grandniece/grandnephew back on Tuesday. So during this time frame, the one year old grandnephew was also being baby sat. Having this one year old around was very traumatic for my cat. He apparently spent the entire time in the basement. Whenever the front door would open, he would run upstairs thinking it was me. When he found out it wasn’t me, he would slowly pout his way back in to the basement. I have never seen him so happy to see me as when I finally did arrive Thursday night. Right now he is watching me type this. He hasn’t let me leave his sight since we came back.

• I bought a humidifier from Amazon just before heading south. It was waiting for me when I arrived back. I like Amazon. They seem to have everything there. I wonder if they sell condoms. Huh, they do.


My site was defaced yesterday. Here is the page they left behind. I don’t know the motive, I’ll let my web host figure that one out. Now they only defaced the front jump page. The rest of the site is intact.

I guess one theory on how our kiddie got through is by using a weakness in PHP-Nuke. PHP-Nuke is the software I use to run my page. PHP-Nuke is somewhat popular, so it isn’t surprising that holes have been uncovered.

I will be taking down the PHP-Nuke page here in the near future. So I am in search of another CMS. If anyone knows of a fairly secure CMS that is also lean in bandwidth usage and server resources, please let me know.