The Overclocking

Reference to yesterdays post.

I overclocked the video card processor speed from 325 Mhz to 390 Mhz and the memory speed from 700 Mhz to 828. I then overclocked the system processor from 2.2 Ghz to 2.36 Ghz. The 3DMark03 score went from the stock score of 7960 points to 9609. System seems to be stable and the temperatures don’t seem to be extreme. I’m pleased.

In more geek talk, I just purchased a 802.11g router for my house. Currently, only my laptop is compatible with 802.11g. The other USB wireless interfaces I have are 802.11b. These interfaces do work with the router, just 5 times slower. Now I need to hack the router so it pumps out a stronger signal. Also need to purchase some new network interfaces that are compatible.


I added some new parts to the spare computer. My “spare” computer is now faster than my primary computer. I plugged in an Athlon XP-M 3000+ and a Geforce 6800 into it. I tried to open up the the pixel pipelines (from 12 to 16) of my 6800 so it would be a 6800 GT, but I got artifacts. The artifacts were only noise… looked liked dropped pixels. This noise was mildly annoying, so I brought it back down to stock. Tomorrow we overclock.

Here are my 3Dmark03 scores (otherwise knows as “e-penis” scores)…

Before: Athlon XP 2100+ w/ ATi 9000 = 1050 points
After: Athlon XP-M 3000+ w/ Geforce 6800 = 7960 points
After softmod enabling pixel pipelines = 8672 points with artifacts

Geforce 6800 cards are 6800 GT cards that had defective pipes. The defective pipes were then closed off via software and sold as a vanilla 6800s. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a card that doesn’t have the defects when you awake the closed off pipes. I wasn’t so lucky. I am hoping that the artifacts may be due to overheating. I doubt it though.


Thought I would let the world know that it is now 22 degrees outside. This is nearly 50 degrees warmer than what it was less than 40 hours ago. My furnace is thankful.

The bad news is that the wind is now out of the north again. All good things must come to an end.

Thats Better

I would describe the pain in my back as “stiffness”. This is opposed to the sensation of “pinched nerve” or “really pissed-off angry nerve” that I had a couple days back. I think I can drop discussing my back now. Oops, spoke too soon. Looks like snow. I might have to go out and shovel. My back will just love that.

I did some moving around of the computers. The laptop is now all packed and in a box, waiting for some lucky soul to purchase it. Three days into the auction and no bids. I had a couple of interested parties, but they wanted me to ship overseas. Sorry.

In the place of the laptop, I moved the spare desktop in its place in the basement. This computer is now in the same room as my treadmill and weight training equipment. This same computer has a TV card attached, so I can watch TV on it. I attached good speakers to this system, so I can listen to my mp3 collection while working out. Nice set up, I should take pictures.

Some interesting game news. Enemy Territory:Fortress was released this past weekend. For those that liked the old school Team Fortress from the Quake 1 days, they might like this. The nice thing is that both Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory and this Fortess add-on to the game are free downloads. You just need a computer strong enough to play it. Besides being free, the thing that separates this from other Fortress-style games is the ability to play against bots. Given the bots can act like total retards at times, but it gives you the option to play offline.

Speaking of bots, Valve finally released the bots for Counter-Strike:Source. These bots actually are somewhat intelligent, but they still don’t act like real human opponents. Still nice to have if you need a bot to fill a player slot for a small LAN.

More Cold

Here is an update on our low temperatures last night…



BABBITT………… -51
HIBBING………… -43
TOWER………….. -47
DULUTH…………. -27


BUTTERNUT……….. -23
DRUMMOND………… -21
UPSON…………… -33

It is now a toasty minus 20 out with the sun up. My house temperatures is up to 69 degrees. The all time coldest temperature recorded in Minnesota is minus 60 recorded near Tower Minnesota, February 1996.


I am in the middle of the coldest temperatures so far in this little spell. The temperature right now is minus 26 deg F. My furnace is not keeping up. I have the thermostat set at 70 and the temperature is 66 deg F inside the house. It is that fact that I chose “disappointed” for my current mood. I do have electric baseboard on the main floor and in my bedroom to help out the gas furnace, but I am too cheap to turn that on. The sun will be out shortly and the passive solar heating will bring me up to 70.

Temperatures for the northland through 6 AM

My Aching Back

With only 45 minutes left in my last midnight shift, something happens in my back. I was just stretching, then {ping}… right between the shoulder blades. Needless to say, the shift change briefing I gave wasn’t my best. This doesn’t get my break off to a good start. Hopefully I will be able to function somewhat tomorrow. If the back still hurts tomorrow, I may have to make my first ever visit to a chiropractor.

I ordered a Mini Mac about 4 days back. I just canceled the order. I have better things to do with $800 than order a 5th computer. Well, like upgrade the current computers {grin}. The Mini Mac sure is cute though.

Speaking of computers, I started an e-bay auction. I am trying to get rid of one of the excess computers. Here is your link to the laptop I am trying to sell.

Within 12 hours after the auction started, I get 2 online requests to sell the laptop for way over the market price of the laptop. One wanted to buy it for $1500 and the other $2000. The estimated value of the laptop is about $600. The catch was that I was supposed to go through BIDPAY, which actually seems to be a legitimate company. I checked, and that site has been around for at least 4 years. However, both inquiries were from accounts created yesterday. Also both of these folks seem to have Nigerian roots. Need I say more? I turned both names into e-bay.

Below are the e:mails I received…

First Nigerian

Isn’t It Ironic

Anti-seat belt law advocate is killed in automobile accident.

His editorial is found here…

Actual I consider myself a libertarian… who is sick of paying the bills for the irresponsible.

Winter Sucks

We just received 9.1 inches here, which brings our snow depth up to 23 inches (official airport numbers). I was out twice today with the snow blower trying to keep up. When the snow plow went by, it knocked our mail boxes askew. So I had to dig the boxes out of the snow, then pivot them back to normal… about a half hour job there. I guess on the positive side, I did get a good upper body work out today.

As mentioned in a previous post, it is going to get damn cold here. Lows in the minus 20 to 30 deg F range with winds in the 10 to 20 mph range with higher gusts. Maybe it will hit zero for highs, if we’re real nice. This particular colds snap will last for days. Probably won’t see normal temperatures until a week from today.

This winter has definitely been a pain in the posterior so far.

So it is times like these that I start getting serious spring fever. In just 90 days, the sun will be setting at 7:53 PM (currently 4:44 PM). The average high and low will be 47 and 27 deg F respectfully (currently 17 and -2). The snow will be just a stray dirty pile here and there.

Hurry up!