Glaciers Retreating

Most of the worlds glaciers are retreating. This is probably another sign of global warming. Does this matter? Probably not, at least not in America. Most Americans are apathetic towards this, so I might as well be also. Most Americans see global warming as a threat to their present standard of living. So it is better to ignore global warming and head down the path that has been established.

Global glacier retreat. Antarctic peninsula glacial retreat.

Prod Them With a Stick

So the computer wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. So I had a little tantrum. So I threw a little bit of my feces around the room. I think that is a perfectly rational response. I don’t think just slamming my mouse a few times would of done the trick.

Still not cooled off when I got home. Perfect time to get the catapult out to blow off steam. I have seen plenty of the fancy-shmancy ragdoll physics in the newer 3D games, but nothing compares to the real thing. I grabbed kitty and launched him into the trees. Really cool ragdoll physics as pussy ricocheted from tree to tree. Kitty seemed to like it, so we did quite a few cat-a-launches.


I have nothing to post. All right, I did manage to make some people laugh today, so I guess I have a tidbit. Someone said, “Does anyone else smell something like anti-freeze?” My quick reply, “I knew I shouldn’t of coated myself in vaseline this morning!” Got some all out guffaws on that one. But I was in front of an easy crowd.

More Linux

Trying to play UT2004 on my linux box. After the initial install of UT2004, the game started, but was choppy and unplayable. So I installed the latest ATi drivers. I didn’t know what version of XFree I had, so I guessed version 4.3. I probably guessed wrong, because the game wouldn’t start after installing the new drivers.

Linux sucks for gaming. Probably always will.


I called it!

For those wondering what is going on… on the forth post down in that forum thread, I predict the next Pope will be Ben 16.

Oh you know I’m good. I’m very good.


After I finished last evenings blog entry, I started putting together a Linux box. All the extra parts I needed arrived in the past few days, so I was ready to start assembly. The extra parts that arrived the past few days were a stick of memory, a case, and a hard drive.

The hard drive was one that went bad on me but was still under warranty. I had to wait for Western Digital to mail me a new one.

The case was the cheapest one I could find… a $20 one at Newegg. The metal is flimsy, there are no extra fans, and no fun windows with neon tubing. The power supply has a sticker on it that say it is 400 Watts, but Newegg quoted it at 300 Watts. Newegg is probably correct on that one. Even with all this cheapness, it still has front USB ports and headphone/mic jacks.

Assembly went smooth, and the first boot up went fine. So I went straight to installing Linux. The distro of choice was Fedora. The reason for this choice was that Red Hat is what we use at work. The software I am going to train myself on has binaries for Fedora core 3. I initially installed core 2, because those were the disks I had handy. The installation went smoothly, took probably 45 minutes.

The only thing I installed after this was the Folding @ Home software. Have I told anyone that I am in the top 1000 in F@H production? Probably not.

This morning I went to my place of employ and got a copy of Fedora core 3. Updated to this version, then let Fedora’s updater bring me up to the latest version after that (3.1?).

I celebrated this little accomplishment with a bike ride. I did the 11 mile bike ride to Pike Lake and back. The ice is out of Pike Lake! I see a kayak hike in my near future.

I finished raking my 3/4 acre yard after I got back. The cat is even happier than I am that it is spring. This 4 year old cat was trying his best to imitate a kitten while I was raking. Mad sprints up trees, attacking killer leaves, stalking invisible critters, etc. It was warm enough during part of the day that I was able to leave the sliding door ajar so he could wander in and out as he pleased. He liked that.

I went back to work on the Linux box by late afternoon. I installed the major piece of software that we use at work. After many fits and starts, I managed to get the software up and running. This software is server/client software. First you have to get the server up and running. Then you have to get the client software to hook up to the server. Tested my patience a few times, but I managed to work through the roadblocks.

This is just a raw install. Now the tricky part of learning how to configure the software for specific needs. There is also a scripting language used by this software for writing “macros”. Actually this software calls these macros, “Smart Tools”. I will need to learn that as well. I was impressed with how this software was pre-configured from just a raw install.

I managed to do a few other chores today as well. The main job I did was bring the plants up from the basement. They have been down there since before the floor refinishing job. I haven’t watered the plants since bringing them down there. Managed not to kill any of the plants, even though it was over a month. Does PETA come after you for mistreating plants?

Trip to The Cities

Left for the Twin Cities Thursday afternoon. I visited my mom at the home that evening. A couple of brothers were there as well with their associated wifes. A good and cheerful visit. I got caught up on the lives of my nieces and nephews. Apparently we have a few scholars/brainiacs in the family. Where in H-E-double-toothpicks did they get those genes. Freaks. (The preceding was sarcasm that some would consider abusive. Meanwhile, our family calls it, “entertainment”. Who are the freaks now?)

Played my first round of golf of the season with a brother and brother-in-law. I got a par on the second hole. A foreshadowing of things to come? That would be my only par of the round… I shot a 109. Something to build on.

Lots of frogs in the nearby ponds at the golf course. Noisy critters. One funny story – just before my brother was going to hit a shot, it was like the lead frog held up a “quiet” sign and they all went stone quiet. All mating rituals must stop for this important golf shot. Once we walked away from that particular pond, we could hear them start up again.

I went to Joe Senser’s (a bar) that evening with a couple of friends. The Zoyx attorney was a no show. Apparently I didn’t throw enough frivolous law-suits her way. This is the one thing that makes a lawyer “pouty”. Well maybe next time.

I then went with these same friends to go see “Sin City”. Three different stories in this movie, none of them particularly cheery. Yeah, I guess they had a positive ending to each of them. Too bad all that violence was needed to reach those conclusions. To give a feel for the darkness in themes in this movie: You know that cute little Elijah Woods? Cute little Frodo in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy? He plays a serial killer/cannibal in Sin City. You can start calling him “Kevin the Cannibal”. Thats all I am going to say on this movie except, I liked it… definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

I drove back to Duluth this morning. I just came back from the going away party for an employee. Will be sad to see him go. A very talented person that everyone got along with. I will be picking up a lot of the responsibilities he is leaving behind. I should be relishing in the new challenges. This enjoyment of new challenges will be short-term. This extra work will grow old with time.

New Keyboard

If chicks were attracted to computer keyboards, I would be having an orgy of women banging at my door right now. But alas, I am just a lonely geek with a cool keyboard. This keyboard I just purchased has a slim, lightweight appearance with a brushed aluminum top face. A subtle curve, at the bottom provokes a thought of a well-shaped damsel. The keys are soft and have a nice sensuous feel. Oh and the aural noise from the keystrokes are similar to that of a gentle zephyr.

Now you can see why I don’t write reviews for computer components. In summary, it is a fucking cool keyboard. Here, take a look for yourself.

Fun While It Lasted

I had a talk with the Zoyx Physician about my sore throat malady.

Sore throat is a symptom of many medical disorders. Infections cause the
majority of sore throats and are contagious. Infections are caused either by
viruses such as the flu, the common cold, mononucleosis, or by bacteria such
as strep, mycoplasma, or hemophilus.

Face it. You are as good as dead.

Not a good prognosis. Pretty much shoots to heck my goal of BASE jumping off of the Devil’s chair.

So Much Pressure

The Zoyx attorney is so demanding. I have to have a new blog entry in by morning or I get ripped a new one. I had a tough time typing one up last night. I am fighting some reprise of my virus. I have this scratchy throat and tired feeling the past five days. Last night I believe this virus kicked off a depression, or something like depression. I sure felt limp and filled with dark thoughts. I don’t get depressed, so I don’t have much experience with it. Not even sure if that was depression or that I was just tired. I went to bed early and awoke with *gack* another sore throat, but I had energy.

Well let us move on shall we. Because the next worst thing to being depressed is hearing someone talk about it. Lets talk about toothpaste.

A ways back I had some nasty canker sores. I blamed it on Rembrandt Plus, which contained SLS. Well after I stopped using that toothpaste and using just plain Rembrandt, the sores finally cleared up after about two weeks. I have since bought something else – Arm & Hammer Dental Care Baking Soda Tooth Powder. No SLS in this stuff and it is much cheaper than Rembrandt. The only problems are applying the powder to the toothbrush, and getting used to not having as much “lather” in your mouth while brushing. It didn’t take that long to adjust, at least for me. This stuff is rather tasty (mint flavored) and seems to do a better job at cleaning my teeth.

Another problem is that none of the local stores carried this product. I had to buy it from Amazon. The price was cheap, but the shipping brought the final tally to $7.50… the same price as the Rembrandt. I am going to check the stores in the cities the next time I visit. If I can’t buy it there, I will buy in bulk from Amazon to save on shipping.