Poor Olga

My match.com profile is still visible, even though I am not currently subscribed. So I got an e:mail hit today from Olga. We laugh at these Russian women trying to move to the USA. But what an awful world they must live in, for them to ditch their country and culture, and to move here. Here is her note. Feel free to laugh, but I think most of you will wince at the same time.

Hi, my name is Olga. I live in Russia. I’m 28 yo. I try to find someone through internet for the first time and think I’ll be good luck in it. I like your profile and so I decided to write to you. I have a good heart, I am a romantic woman, loyal, sincere woman. My personality is quiet, stable, introspective, calm, honest. My dream to have a loving family. I am willing to travel across any sea to find true love. I need to belong to one man in the deep blue sea of love I am loving and caring. Somebody was saying, that an ideal woman should be “like a chef in the kitchen, a lady in the society, and loving in bed”. I agree. I try that my glamour and femininity should reflect around my home in the street in the society. My life is happy, but the missing ingredient is the sharing of love with a true life’s partner.

I’d like to find out you better. If you want the same please write me on my email: olya_lya1977 (at) mail (dot) ru and I’ll write you back with more info about me and send you my photo. If you do not see my email, please inform me your direct email, and I necessarily shall answer you!

I hope to hear you soon.

Keep This Brief and Unfunny

I worked 14 hours yesterday and 12 hours today. All this while fighting an apparent virus. I am not what you would consider, “perky”.

During the day today, I ditched work briefly to go to the doctor. I needed to have my throat and mouth sores looked at. The doctor blamed these things on a virus. I am going to guess that this is my virus from way back from earlier this year, bubbling to the surface again. Which would be another clue that this is some mononucleosis type virus. It can take months, even years to be completely over mono. I have yet to have a doctor come out and say that this is mono. Since I have a shitty track record at self-diagnoses, it probably isn’t mono.

While I was at the clinic, I had the THS blood test done to check my thyroid hormone level. This is a different clinic than where I was initially diagnosed with the hypothyroid. I am curious to see if they get the same result.

Canker Sores From Heck.

Canker sores are back. This probably is the worst batch I’ve had in years. I have 4 in my mouth and 1 in my throat somewhere. These suckers do a good job of sapping my energy. Focusing at work today was tough. I immediately came home and went to bed. I slept nearly 3 hours. I am no longer blaming the current episodes of canker sores on SLS found in toothpastes. Something else is causing them. I am tempted to blame one of the medications I am taking. I was essentially canker sore free last year.

The nice thing about blogs is that you can use it to remember things. Looks like I first mention canker sores back on March 25th. I probably had them a few days before this. I declared myself over the virus on March 13th (I probably wasn’t). I first started taking Levothyroxine on March 3rd. These are just facts, I can’t really make any hard conclusions from them. The relationship between Levothyroxine and the onset of sores is worth looking into.

I have also been using Triamcinolone Acetonide in cream form for the dry skin blotches I have on my hands. I started using this around January 24th. This steroid reduces my white blood cell count, which you would think would help in the reduction in canker sores. Canker sores are an auto-immune response. This cream may have what allowed me to get sick in mid-February by reducing my immune system. I stopped using this cream in February when I got sick because of this. I started using it again in late March when I got better.

Then there is Provigil. I also started using this around March 3rd. It would be easy to point a finger at this as well. Provigil seems to have stopped working. I am back to having a hell of time staying awake during midnight shifts. even when I take a dose. I am only taking half doses, maybe I should try a full dose. Although if it is causing canker sores, maybe I should stop using it.

Maybe Tom Cruise is on to something. Drugs certainly haven’t made me feel any better. Time to stop the drugs. Drugs suck.

The Trees Are Here!!

The Christmas trees that I apparently ordered from Target, arrived this morning. This means two things; 1) Target is now feeling the pressure from online competitors and is now doing home delivery of everything. 2) I have either been asleep for the past 6 months, or I had a very long lasting date rape drug mixed in with my chocolate milk.

So what have I missed in the past 6 months.

1) We pulled out of Iraq! Woot! The local police and security teams that we trained are now self sufficient enough to police their own country. Looks like the trick was to get the insurgence more interested in bowling and miniature golf instead of making home-brewed suicide bombs. Thats all they needed was a healthy hobby to refocus their energies.

2) Wal-mart unionized and is only selling products “Made in the USA”. Prices, surprisingly, haven’t spiked as high as expected. Oh I see their tricks. They are using the sweat-shops found in Saipan, which can legally use the label, “Made in USA”. No one appears to be in the union either, because every employee was given a managers position.

3) William Hung is no longer tone deaf. His newest CD has his voice flowing quite well with the music instead sounding like a dental drill. Each song on the playlist has a good hook to it as well. Unfortunately this album’s sales aren’t doing that well, because the music industry put all of its energy in the comeback CD from RATT. America wants music by effeminate pirates, and dammit, they are going to get it.

More Fun With Marine Layers

The reporting station at Sky Harbor, down on Park Point (near Duluth, MN)  just escaped the Lake Superior marine layer. Your observations…

Conditions at: KDYT observed 23 June 2005 21:35 UTC (4:35 PM CDT)
Temperature: 22.0°C (72°F)
Dewpoint: 21.0°C (70°F) [RH = 94%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.63 inches Hg (1003.5 mb)
Winds: from the NE (40 degrees) at 8 MPH (7 knots; 3.6 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: sky clear below 12,000 feet AGL
Present Weather: automated observation with no human augmentation;
there may or may not be significant weather present at this time
KDYT 232135Z AUTO 04007KT 10SM CLR 22/21 A2963 RMK AO2

Conditions at: KDYT observed 23 June 2005 22:15 UTC (5:15 PM CDT)
Temperature: 36.0°C (97°F)
Dewpoint: 26.0°C (79°F) [RH = 57%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.60 inches Hg (1002.5 mb)
Winds: from the SSW (210 degrees) at 23 MPH (20 knots; 10.4 m/s)
gusting to 32 MPH (28 knots; 14.6 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: sky clear below 12,000 feet AGL
Present Weather: automated observation with no human augmentation;
there may or may not be significant weather present at this time
KDYT 232215Z AUTO 21020G28KT 10SM CLR 36/26 A2960 RMK AO2

So in summary, the temperature went up 25 degrees in 40 minutes.  That would shock the system a bit.
Another interesting tidbit is the 79 degree dewpoint.

Sowing the Seeds

Media-com did some switching around in their cable TV programming. I now have access to VH1-classic.

I am now watching one of my favorite videos from around 1990, “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears from Fears. That was back when I allowed some hippy-dippy love themed music into my catalog. I was under the impression this would make me appear sensitive, and therefore attractive to the opposite sex. Wrong! Ever since I have become a more cynical and spiteful spirit, things on the dating scene seem to have improved. Only one conclusion from this. The world is really fucked up.

Fun With Marine Layers

It is currently 89 degrees outside of my house. The current temperature near my previous house (10 miles away) is 66 degrees. Where would I rather be right now? I think at my old place.

Today is the first full-time air conditioner day of the year. I have turned it on for an hour or two on previous days, but today the thermostat will be left on. Air conditioning spoils a person. I am really dreading going out and cutting the lawn. It is passed due, so I need to get going. Probably would be best if I wait until just before dusk.

The record high for this day at both Duluth and International Falls is 92 degrees. A little bit of weather drama.

Update: The official high at both Duluth Airport and International Falls Airport was 91. So both fell short by one degree.

Sex With Your Cousin

The Zoyx Attorney apparently has signed me up for the Paavo Nurmi Marathon. I am now obligated by law to at least attempt this marathon. I sure wouldn’t want the northern Wisconsin cops on my tail. I think they tack on an additional fine if I don’t have a Green Bay Packer bumper sticker on my car.

It was unfortunate timing that I just had a head on collision in my car and I am now in a body cast. Could of been worse. It wasn’t a direct head on, my driver side head light hit his drivers side head light. Because of this, much of the collision energy was translated into rotational energy. I had the option of passing the stalled car on the shoulder, instead of into oncoming traffic. Another bad choice in life. When I regained consciousness, it was comforting that my head coach, Bud Grant was there to lift my spirits. A few of my Viking teammates were there as well. The Marathon is going to be tough to do now, but since I am now obligated by law…

Hey, where did my body cast go? Dammit, I’m having trouble distinguishing between my dreams and the real world again. That problem is going to catch up with me some day.

Fun Fact: Some people called Bud Grant, “Bad Grunt”.
Another Fun Fact: If you have a database tracking federal artillery data, the identifier for the data base will be “FARTILLERY”.

I shit you not.

Social Distortion

Some folks I know are trying to organize a small social group. One of the proposed names being thrown around for this group is simply, “Minnesota Nice”. I went with that and came up with this proposed art for the group. I submit for your approval…