GridCycle Gaming Community Blog is up and running. This is a Twin Cities based retro gaming info site. If you want to subscribe to the feed in LiveJournal, that is an option (gridcycle). I hope to be an occasional contributor to this blog. Looks like they are off to a real good start.

GoatGirl told me that one of her neighbors in her complex is trying to get an “old school” gaming establishment going in the Duluth area. Still in the planning stages, and not much details have been released. I am very curious as to how that turns out.

Go Badgers

I think being the top partying school is a compliment, not a criticism. Partying is an important skill to master while at college. It is at partys that you learn social skills, start building a network of friends and to relieve stress. In order to accomplish these goals, however, you can’t just go to these partys and get blitzed. You must go to these partys with at least some career and life building goals in mind. Unfortunately, most college kids don’t see partys this way.

When I was at South Dakota Tech in Rapid City, I made it a goal to party every weekend. I did fairly well in this regard. I did keep up on my studys during the week, my GPA was its highest during this time frame.

Top 10 party schools

So Much to Blog, So Little Time

I went to Sunset’s at the corner of Martin and Rice Lake Road Saturday Night with 3 friends.

My T4/T3 blood test came in. I am now slightly hyperthyroid relative to T4. My T3 was in the normal range. Maybe the high T4 is why I still feel like crap. I will go for a TSH test in about a month and get another number. Wouldn’t be surprised if my Levothyroxine dosage needs to be lowered.

I am going in for my tooth filling Wednesday. Insurance won’t cover it. Insurance did cover most of the Vasectomy procedure, though. Strange, eh.

I purchased a new video card for my Shuttle SS51G computer. I am now running a P4 2.8 GHz CPU, a 200 GB hard drive, DVD/CD writer, 1 GB RAM, and an ATi X800 XT Platinum Edition video card… all being powered by a 200 watt power supply. Something don’t add up. I got a score of 5047 on 3DMark05, just so you know.

The original specs of my SS51G when I first put it together 3 years ago… P4 2.0 GHz CPU, a 20 and a 30 GB hard drive, 8X CD drive, 512 MB RAM, Geforce 3 Ti 200 video card. My 3DMark01 score was 7181.

I am fairly sure I am going to apply for a job in Monterey, CA. Yeah, I know, Monterey is foggy and expensive. But no more gosh darn shoveling and other winter related crap.

Went on a 13 mile bike hike today after work. Nice to move my legs again, but they do ache now. Most ambitious exercise since the elective medical procedure 10 days ago. I am not allowed to jog until Friday.

For you Counter-Strike:Source fans, check this custom map out. Should be “going gold” here shortly. A small map, but still manages to supply plenty of strategy.

I purchased the “Sin City” DVD today. I plan on watching it… ummm… some day. That movie definitely belongs in my collection, though.

Added Amenity

One thing I haven’t bragged about concerning the new condo was that the complex contained a “hot chicks” room. I snapped a shot while I was down there a couple days back. Here it is…

Carrot Top Uses More Steroids Than I Do

Today marks the one week mark since the neutering. So I can now pick up the pace on moving around. So I cut the lawn.

While cutting the lawn, I briefly stopped to talk to the neighbor. I told him I had an elective medical procedure done a week ago. Kind of hard to come right out and say, “I had a Vasectomy” to a neighbor you talk to 3 or 4 times a year (I seem to have no trouble typing it up in a blog though, strange). I also told him I have a girl friend. I am thinking this neighbor is enlightened enough to put the clues together.

I got on the weight scale, I lost two and half pounds in the past couple of weeks. Considering I spent much of that time sitting around and overeating, that came as a bit of a shocker. I wonder if that has something to do with my thyroid and associated metabolism working properly. Hope so.

I have a problem tooth. Cold stuff hurts it. I went to the dentist back on Wednesday. He seems to think that the tooth is cracked. The old silver filling is probably making it worse instead of better. I have an appointment to have the old filling removed and a new one put in. This new one will have the property of trying close the crack, as opposed to trying to widen it. We’ll see what happens there.

Look! A Shiny Thing!

The MRI from my brain came in… just as I suspected. My twin brother is in my brain. I shall name him Mookie. Does Mookie want a cookie. I thought so.

With the new condo, I need to start spending time on interior decorating. This craft site is just the place to get ideas. My first project? Glue multi-colored macaroni to one of the living room walls. Probably attempt to make a likeness of Andy Dick.


I now have a working phone at the condo. Also have working DSL. Yay!

The other accomplishment while I was down at the condo was to ascertain what it would take to reserve the party room. The answer? Ten dollars and a $150 deposit. For an extra $10 you can reserve the pool/hot tub/sauna room . That actually seems reasonable. I want to have a family party at the condo some time in the near future. This would be a pretty sweet setup.

Paul Ryan has a nifty guide on how to blog successfully. These tips are naturally posted in his blog. I think I will start to take these tips to heart.

• I really don’t have to dumb down my entries. Although these feeble attempts at being witty, they just aren’t working.

• I could make the entries shorter. That goes along with my short attention span.

• I can post an image every blog entry. Eye candy is good.

• I really need to add more crap to the side bar… to give the illusion that I have other interests.

These tips will lead to a more popular blog. One more tip that isn’t included, more embellishment. My life and opinions are boring, so we must spice things up. For example, those midgets that live in my condo complex? Well they paid a visit to my condo after my friends left last night, and we…

At the Condo

Found another open network at the Condo. I am at a small table near the front office. I wonder if I am using the condo association’s connection. Who knows, who cares.

I still don’t have phone at the condo. The guy from Qwest is supposed stop by sometime this afternoon. I also don’t have the setup information for my DSL account, which Qwest claims to have mailed. Hopefully the front office has it. They don’t open until 1 PM.

I had the Zoyx Attorney and Caps over last night to show off the condo. We seem to agree that the place has possibilities as a party spot. We made use of the hot tub and sauna. Caps overdid it on the humidity in the sauna. Damn, have to constantly baby sit the guy.

Speaking of the Zoyx Attorney, she sent me this fun link yesterday. Didn’t see it until just now. Stuff On My Cat. I must submit Spar to this collection. Now what the heck can I put on my cat (rubs hands maniacally).

Now It Is Turning Purple, Should I Panic?

Just received an e:mail from Seems legit. My ISP is MediaCom, so I guess this is some kind of network notice. Plus the e:mail made it through MediaCom’s spam blocker. I get next to no spam into my MediaCom inbox.

In the e:mail, the message announces that it has a security package that I should download and install. Wow, MediaCom cares. Here is the link to that page (mirror).

Let’s see what they want me to do before I download and install. I have to uninstall my Norton or McAfee anti-virus software. Apparently the software they are providing is much better than these well-respected security suites. Then I will need my e:mail account with password to gain access to the download page.

Call me paranoid, but I suspect something fishy is going on here. My paranoia is probably initiated by the freshly revitalized red tide going through the eastern bloc. If I were a nefarious dude, and I wanted to get my remote access program installed onto a victim’s computer, I would make them take down their security software. Then I would make them go to a page that I control for the download, and make them give me their e:mail login and password.

I did a whois on and Both seem to be legitimate. So maybe my paranoia is unfounded. If this is a legit e:mail, I still don’t like it. Your ISP should not send you e:mails that tell you to shut off your anti-virus software then download and install a program. Sets a bad example.