Old Computer Related Crap

So I am going through all of my old software and hardware that I have squirreled away since the mid 90s. I need to ditch this crap. What is the best path? If I don’t get a creative solution, this stuff is going in the nearest dumpster.

The stuff so far that I have uncovered is a bunch of DOS games and utilities. For hardware, I have a backup drive, serial mice, old PCI NIC cards, old keyboards with obsolete plug, etc.


We Have Contact

I got the replacement part for my portable satellite dish. So I promptly put the dish back together with the new part, and I was in business. I then took the dish out into my front yard, and using the signal meter, was able find my satellite in geosynchronous orbit. I was getting some strange looks from the neighbors. I imagine they thought I was trying to contact my alien friends, or worse yet, finish off those plans for that terrorist attack.

I then took the dish into my back yard and again, got a signal there. This time I hooked up the DirecTV receiver and a 13″ TV. After some fuss, I was up and watching TV in my back yard, the way TV watching was meant to be. I pulled out my lounge chair, took off my clothes, put on my aluminum shielding helmet, lathered my body in mayonnaise, and enjoyed the afternoon. My herd of goats seemed to enjoy my company. Meanwhile, my neighbors paranoia was confirmed.

Blog Search

Google has a new cyber-stalking tool out there. It is their new Google Blog Search. I don’t know how useful it is yet, but it does seem to have some entertainment value.

The first thing I searched was my real name, in quotes. Using quotes seems to be more important with this tool. I found the blog of the person who accidently sent me her research paper. She liked the randomness of my response and posted it in her blog, I kind of wish she hadn’t used my real name in the post, since I am a bit of a private person… but whatya do.

The other fun search I did was for “Power of 4” (again, you need the quotes). I was trying to ascertain how behind the times I was before noticing this site. Looks like that site has been up since at least the 1st of the month. This search was conducted 35 minutes after I had posted about this site in my blog. Here is the kicker, my blog entry was the number one search returned, and let me reiterate, was only 35 minutes after posting about it. Fascinating.

The New Me

I have been feeling down in the dumps lately. But oh my dear reader, that is all going to change. I have discovered the wondrous energy that is emitting from a new product called, the Power of 4™ system. I must order this now, as in immediately. If it works for Kato Kalin, it will most certainly work for me.

DSL Blues

Well, don’t you know. Last weekend I sign the one year contract with ClearWire. Yesterday I receive in the mail that DSL is coming to my community. I would rather of had DSL than ClearWire. For the same price, I could of had more bandwidth.

I still might get DSL and run a game server off of it. Problem is that I don’t have a favorite game right now. My closest thing to a favorite online game is UT2004:Onslaught. I might play that 2 or 3 times a month now a days. None of the people I know play Onslaught. Maybe some of the new games coming out will inspire me and my friends. Let’s see, Quake 4, Call of Duty 2 and Day of Defeat – Source are all coming out before the end of the year.

Sad News

I just found out why my cat is annoying me lately. The next door neighbor’s cat, which Spar had become buddies with, was hit and killed by a car a week ago. What I think is happening is, Spar wants to continually go outside to look for his buddy. When Bombo died, I was able to show Spar his dead body, so he would know. As a result, Spar coped quite well with Bombo’s passing. Spar is not coping very well right now.

In a lesser drama, the manufacturer will be sending me a replacement bracket. This will replace the defective bracket that came with my portable satellite dish. I hope it comes soon, I would like to bring it with me the next time I go to the condo, which is early next week. If it doesn’t come on time, I will, and this is no idle threat, sick Dick Cheney on them.

I had my teeth cleaned after work this morning. Gums are tender. This was the first cleaning in a couple of years… at least. A lot of shit was cleaned off. They also found a couple of areas of decay. First time since early high school.

I covered up the air conditioner and turned off the circuit breaker for it. I am making the bold forecast that I will not need it again till next year. The last day the air conditioning was on, September 11, Duluth had a high of 85 and a low of 70. I would have to look it up, but I think that is only the 3rd or 4th time in the record books (dating back to 1870) that the temperature didn’t dip below 70 on a September day.

On a similar note, I think I only have to cut the lawn once more before the snow flies.

To whom it may concern

Concerning my defective portable satellite dish? The retailer that sold it to me is calling the manufacturer.

Concerning the condo I visited today? Right price. Not a good location and the current basement layout will have to be redone. There was also a little bit of water in the basement.

Concerning my gmail account? I learned how to access my gmail account through Thunderbird. Clearwire gave me an e:mail address, but I have no intention of using it.

Concerning Cymothoa Exigua (see image)? Eeewwww, gross me out.

Concerning going south? Looks like I might be traveling down to one of the offices affected by Katrina (likely Slidell, LA) to help out. Just don’t know the time frame.

Busy Day

Things accomplished…

– Switched to ClearWire for my ISP. Probably will keep Media Com going for a little bit longer.

– Set up the portable satellite dish… almost. They didn’t drill some holes for me to attach the LNB converter. I sent an e:mail to the retailer with my concerns.

– Applied for a forecaster job near Milwaukee, WI.

– Started receiving music CDs I ordered. This is an attempt at making myself more legal. Some of the CDs include VNV Nation “Matter + Form”, Mike Doughty “Haughty Melodic”, and R.L. Burnside “Come On In”.

– Figured how to make a backup copy of a DVD using DVDShrink. Actually I have done this before, but it has been over a year. I had to reload DVDShrink and my DVD burning software needed to be upgraded to work properly with my NEC DVD burner.

– Cat caught a mouse for me. I think he catches these critters as a gift to me. He doesn’t seem to have any inclination to eat these things. He brings them into the house and drops the varmint in front of me. I pick it up and flush it down the toilet.

– I learned that Vodka is a magic mood altering elixir and a helpful household agent. Really!