Geek Prom

The geek prom is on April 22nd. You can get tickets here.

This used to be a Duluth happening. For some odd reason, they moved it down to the Twin Cities at the Science Museum. I guess the folks in charge are getting the wise idea of maybe going national with this idea.

I am leaning toward going this year. I actually have that weekend off. Might even have a date lined up (whaaaaa!!).

The cable network G4TV covered last years. Here is the flash movie of it. Last year it was at Pizza Luce` in downtown Duluth.

The rocketboom video blog has a preview blurb of this years event.


I own the domain name, Currently doesn’t point anywhere. Eventually I will have tidbits of information to identify, protect and defend yourself from the invading robots. If you have important robot defense ideas to share, please send me a note.

In the meantime, I recommend purchasing a robot insurance plan. Not a matter of “if”, but “when”.


We are finally in the snow melting season. Slow start… the big melt doesn’t start happening until the end of the month when average highs are above 40 degrees. But we got over 40 yesterday with some sun. So I started to lose the snow off of my roof. Picture 1 and picture 2. Less than a minute after picture 2, the overhang of snow fell. Wish it would of given me some warning so I could of gotten a video of it.

Have I posted a picture of my Tempest machine? Now I have.

Finally, snoozing kitty and backyard doe with fawns. That cat picture was taken while I was home with the flu in September. The deer picture must of been in August.


I was just checking my compatibility with certain celebrities. Using my birth date, here is my list of best compatibility…

Janeane Garofalo 100%
Patricia Arquette 100%
Rosie O’Donnell 97%
Ellen DeGeneres 96%
Anita Baker 96%

I have the same exact birth date as Janeane Garofalo, so thats why I match up perfectly with her. You will also note, two known lesbians on my list. I’m fairly certain, if I had my way with the other three, they will come out of their respective closets to publicly announce their true sexual persuasion. These results would explain my fetish for Subarus.

I also checked Anna Nicole Smith. I scored a %99 intellectual match up with her. That seems about right.

…and now todays joke

So Long Kirby

Kirby Puckett is gone. We shall embrace the good times and forgive the slip ups.

I stayed up late to watch game 6 of the 1991 world series. I was delivering papers at the time, which meant I had to be at work by 430 am. I knew, however, I could be late that day. The paper was not going to bed until that game’s story had been written. Since the game went to extra innings, that meant the paper was going to be late getting to the warehouses. I got to the pickup location late, and the paper still wasn’t there. The other carriers were sharing their memories of the game the previous night to pass the time. When the paper did arrive, there was Kirby’s big ol’ game winning fist pump on the front page.

His career after baseball, especially after his induction into the hall of fame, was tarnished. He gained weight, and he placed himself in bad situations. Actually he always was battling his weight. Both he and Kent Hrbek would come to spring training out of shape. So Herby-Kirby became synonymous with rolly-polly. Without the rituals of baseball to keep him in shape, that weight problem spiraled out of control. It is probably not a big stretch, that this out of control weight problem is what eventually killed him.

I have the 1991 World Series on video tape. Tonight would be a good time to re-watch the round-mound ball player, with pistons instead of legs. I shall let that penetrating smile work its magic.

Video Stream

Now that I have figured out how to set up an audio stream, thought I would try my hand at video. My first experiment is with Nullsoft Video Stream (NSV). One problem, you need WinAmp or other NSV compatible player. Quicktime player, Real player, Windows Media player, all failed to play this stream. Problem number two, doesn’t seem to transition between videos properly. So you have to restart the stream after some videos.

I’m going to leave the test stream up for a day or so. Meanwhile, please give me some helpful hints as to what is best for streaming pre-recorded video files. Thanks.

Update: Back to audio stream.

More Domain Names

I am still thinking of what to use for my free domain name. Here is a list of domain names I came up with, which one shall I choose?

I made a purchase at With this purchase, I received one free domain name for a year from My question, what domain name would you choose with this offer? Screened anonymous posting is turned on, so post away. I have ideas, but they are either boring, or insinuate that it is a porn site.

Oh, will you look at that. My old domain name, is available. I wonder why no one snarfed that up after I let it expire?