I did a kayak float down the Kinnickinnic River yesterday with a friend. The float was from River Falls (Glen Park) down to the County Road F bridge. That float took nearly 5 hours – starting at 145 PM and pulling out at 630 PM. Very scenic float. The river hasn’t been built up yet with tract housing or condos. Hopefully it will stay that way. We downed a few beers during that float, although it was like 4 beers during a 5 hour period. Still managed to give me a headache. My kayak kept grounding. The river is running low, and my kayak (angled keel) wasn’t meant for this type of kayaking.

After the float, we hung out with folks in River Falls. We then went to the street show for River Falls Days. The band playing was Brat Pack Radio. All 80s tunes. Another sign of aging. My generation is now being targeted. We must be the folks with the money.

The official temperature at the Minneapolis airport was 99 degrees. So the Twin Cities run of not hitting 100 degrees since July of 1995 is still intact. Meanwhile, it hit 102 degrees at Sky Harbor airport in Duluth Harbor. The low last night at Sky Harbor was 82. Obnoxious.

Hey look, pictures of me!

Click to make bigger!

This is me on the way down from Timpanogos Cave

Mount Timpanogos is in the background.

My cousin (howardtayler) relayed a funny story about the temple behind me in the second picture. You see the window in the background? Now focus in on the circular section. That particular piece of glass was cut in a concave fashion. To make a long story short… sun filtered through… concave glass focused the sun light… church pew catches on fire. Soon thereafter, that particular piece of glass was then ground down to remove its focusing behavior.


Wasp Nest ThumbI got rid of my basketball hoop today. One of my co-workers came over and picked it up. He then was going to truck that hoop over to another co-workers house.

While he was here, he noticed the wasp nest (click on thumb picture). He recommended that I take a stick and give it a firm WHAP. Oh, he is such a kidder. Around dusk, I am going to give the nest a firm squirt with some Raid Wasp killer.

I made another trip to the Pike Lake grocery store to get this wasp murdering spray. No fun anecdote this time. They have baggers at this store. When the young rookie bagger placed my spray in with my other groceries, the more experienced bagger told him to pre-wrap the can in a plastic bag, before placing it in the paper bag with the other groceries. That seemed rather silly to me. There probably is a scenario where I could accidentally spray my other groceries I suppose.

In addition to getting rid of the basketball hoop, looks like my riding lawn mower might find a new home. The neighbor across the street is very interested in purchasing it. Good deal. Now all I need to do is find a home for the snow blower.

Oh fun, I discovered Live Journal’s Friends of Friends page. Here’s mine.

Okay, I had this great post, but I forgot what it was…

I was at the Pike Lake grocery store. I don’t usually go to this store, but it was along the way, so I went there. I was on my way to pick up the chairs that I left at the furniture refinisher back in December. She hadn’t touched them during the past 7 months, so I am thinking that the odds of her touching them before I left for Farmington were rather slim. So I drove out toward Pike Lake to pick the chairs. This concludes this digression, back to the store. Okay. So I pick out my stuff. That would be a tube of a toothpaste, some apple scented Endust, 3 cans of Ovalteen and 3 cans of Quik. The Endust was for the much needed dusting that I need to do at my house. I don’t like dusting – just too girly. This will be the first time I dusted my entire house. Oh, I’ve done spot dusting, but not the entire house at one time. I’m into more manly stuff like, mowing the lawn or cutting down trees. Not dusting or washing windows. This concludes digression number 2. So I go up to the check out counter. My stuff gets scanned. I run my card through the little doohickey card reading thing. As I am crumpling the receipt and tossing it into the grocery bag, the blond lady behind me in line says, “That is a really odd collection of grocerys”. My reply was, “Well I am a really odd person”. She then retorted, “All of that Chocolate Milk”. I then replied, “Well, call it a fetish”. I then left via the emergency exit and set off the alarm. On the drive home, I was thinking of possible better responses to her initial observation. The best one was, “As soon as I get home, I am gonna start snorting up this apple scented Endust, then I am gonna give myself a gel toothpaste with whitening formula enema, then follow it with a gallon of oval-quik chaser. So you care join in on the fun?”

Did I ramble, I’m sorry.

I like KITH. WHAT!?

So It Starts

The house is officially on the market. Take a leak for yourself.


… we wait.

The realtors were here around noon today while I was at work. Spar the Kat left them a present. When I got home, there was some toilet paper on the floor in the bedroom. It didn’t register what it could be until I reached for it with a swiping action. This swiping action sprayed the cat puke underneath across my dresser. I see the plan. Kitty is already trying to sabotage this move.

I spent all day yesterday cleaning up the joint. When the realtor was first here Sunday the place was a mess. She didn’t bother taking any indoor pictures because of this. That is why you don’t see any indoor pictures in the MLS listing yet. I am hoping I cleaned it up enough that some indoor pictures were taken today.

I have the first open house next Sunday. I have a lot more cleaning to do before that day arrives. I am starting to feel the stress from all of this. I have a constant bloated feeling. I am fairly certain it is from the extra acid I am churning. Might have to start taking one of those over-the-counter acid blockers.

Look its the Flying Pig

Hey! Hey! Hey! … Hee! Hee! Hee!

Hey everybody! It’s the Flying Pig! You know what that means? If pigs can fly, I must have a job in the Twin Cities! That’s right boys and girls, I am being transferred to the fine city of Farmington, MN. A sixth tier suburban town of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. I should be moving in about a month and a half.

Well, looks like Flying Pig’s work is done here. Goodbye Flying Pig…

Oink! Oink! Wheeeee!


Someone during the bar-hopping fun of Friday night, asked how I looked in the 80s. That inspired me to run over to my sisters this past evening, to scan a few pictures she had of me.

Well the thumb picture (click it, I dare you) is of me Christmas 1988. Note the messy hair. I have been telling people how much I loved my naturally curly hair I had then. I am such a liar. I absolutely hated it, and that picture reminds me of that hate. I had no clue how to control my hair.

Otherwise I look pretty good in that picture. The weight is down… I’m guessing I weigh about 180 lbs. The acne seems to have abated from the teenage peak. I am wearing what I affectionately call my “David Koresh” glasses. Note the collared shirt. I never wear collared shirts these days. One habit that I should probably get back into.

As an added bonus, here is me, circa 1974. I am 10 years old there. I am playing with my new Skittle Tac-Toe game. My brother holding his kid is 29 years old in that picture. He didn’t fair as well as I did in the “keeping the hair” department. Although my time did eventually come along.