Tube Humping

TV’s Rich Kronfeld is back in the award winning short video skit, “Dangerous Proximity”.

Winner of the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Festival. A Tube-Based Spyomedy from the brilliant young idiots at Central Services. Every thing was done in 48 Hours, concept to post, neck to nuts.

Moving on…

So today I did a bike hike. I did the paved trail along the Minnesota River near Shakopee. Some gorgeous scenery along the away. I have to make this trail and surrounding territory a regular tour spot if I move into the area.

I filled in an offer for a house near Shakopee while in the area. I am now anxiously awaiting the response from the seller. This kid approximates what I am going through.

Since I will eventually have a new house to play with, I have been watching HGTV. I am getting ideas on what not to do. One show was about proper fen sway (spelled wrong on purpose, so shut-up). The owner wanted them to redo the plant fence because it had bad ven shway. The guy running the show said that he apparently had gone to a different fung schwai school than her. He convinced her that some lighting will balance out the fence. Something resembling a moment of clarity.

Another show is called “What is your sign? Design”. I am an angry Libra with a cat, a memory foam girl friend, and a human skull collection. So what do you recommend? I think all black. Paint everything black. Both interior and exterior. Place black top over the entire yard. Better than different shades of beige. Not better than lime green shag carpeting.

Running and Getting No Where

I have a perfect record so far in August. I have gone out for a jog every day so far. Here is the August log.

1) 3.11 miles
2) 2.25
3) 2.25
4) 2.10
5) 2.30
6) 3.11
7) 3.30
8) 4.00
9) 2.25

For a grand total of 24 and 2/3rd miles… averaging 2.74 miles a day. The punch line?



Who Dunnit

I received a PC Magazine in the mail today. Complete with subscription sticker on it with my name and address. How did this happen? I don’t remember ordering a subscription. I don’t remember buying anything that came with a free subscription. I fired an e:mail to the PC Mag subscription department. Hopefully they can tell me what the heck is going on here.

I signed the affidavit that says that I am not the evil person in Hibbing with my name. He is doing all sorts of bad things up in Hibbing, MN. He is making me nervous. Hopefully his bad things don’t sneak into my credit rating. I have a house to buy, you know.


As part of my punishment for the bad thing I did in Little Canada, I had to do some public service type things. The warning image you see is part of that public service. Heed this warning youth of America!

I did the house hunting trip yesterday in the Shakopee/Prior Lake area. I will not link you to the house that I am thinking of making an offer on. Knowing you bastards, you will probably find some way of sabotaging this effort.

Next weekend, I will head down to the cities again. Besides making an offer, I will probably bring the bike down to do the slow tour of the area. Nothing is better for getting to know a neighborhood than a bike hike.