Moved in

I am in the new house. Just have boxes to unpack. Some highlights from the past couple days.

• Closing went smoothly Wednesday. I received the equity check from the previous house the night before closing, so I had enough money. I had borrowed some money from my mother in case this check didn’t come in time.

• After closing, I went to the Shakopee government center. One stop shopping. I was able to homestead the house, register to vote, and renew my drivers license with the new address.

• That evening, I drove out to visit my sister. We then drove together to visit my mom. I also dropped off a check for the money I borrowed.

• Went to the Little Canada condo to pack enough stuff, including bedding and the inflatable mattress, for “camping” at the new house. I spent the night at the new house. The movers and the cable install guy were scheduled to show up at 9 AM. I didn’t want to do the 45 minute drive in the morning.

• At night, relative to the previous places I have lived, it is more quiet and darker. This is a good thing, but may take some getting used to.

• The moving truck arrived around 9:30 AM Thursday. The cable guy came at 10:30 AM. Cable guy got me going for cable TV and internet, but he just lay the cable on my lawn. I have no idea if someone is scheduled to drop by and hang the wire or bury it later. Probably should make a call on that. The movers had a lot of work to do, they left around 2:30 PM.

• Called the electric company. According to the operator, my power was scheduled to be disconnected that day. After the movers left, I had to make a run to the utility office and fill out the registration form. After that, the order to cut my power was canceled.

• I called the gas company also in the morning. Before the call, I went out to the meter to try and find out what company was in charge of my gas. While I was out there, I smelled gas. During the call, I set up my account and also told them about the smell of gas. A guy came out and found a leak and fixed it. The leak was before it reached the meter, so it was a free fix.

• I drove out to the condo… made it there by 7:15 PM. Started packing up the computers and other electronic toys. This packing up took 2.5 hours. Also packed up Spar the Kat.

Spar is very happy with the new place. When I opened up the carrier, he exited it with no hesitation. Today I let him roam the yard with me escorting. Still don’t know if this is a cat friendly neighborhood. It should be.

I did a run around the neighborhood this past afternoon. Here is the GPS track of that run.

What were you thinking?

I mean really. I was all set to buy some YouTube stock options, and you talk me out of it. I could of been a multi-millionaire! But no! You had to have new shoes or a new gothic lolita outfit. I’m sure it was “very important”.

Cripes, just look at those two guys. You would be happy to if you were just bought out for 1.65 B-B-B-Billion dollars. Makes the half billion buy out of MySpace look petty. I could of been a part of this. I would of been able to buy you a dozen pink Volkswagen Beetles and some pet pandas. Another lost opportunity.

Weekend Action

Saturday, I went to the Shakopee house and brought in the dock. The dock has wheels, but it was too heavy for me to drag in myself. So I had to drive the car down to the dock, hook up a tow rope, and yank it inland. That went surprisingly easy. I went on a bike hike to celebrate afterward.

Today I borrowed my nephew-in-laws diesel truck, and drove up to Duluth to pick up the riding lawn mower. Sure enough, the battery was dead on the mower. So I had to push it up to the truck then up the ramp into the truck bed. After that bit of exertion, I did one more scan of the old house. Yep, I forgot the TV trays and few other knick-knacks. I also saw that I did not shut off the water…so I flipped the master valve off. I had to get the final meter readings for all the utilities while I was there. This little round trip took over 8 hours. Please, no more field trips to Duluth, unless I am there to vacation.

Good News

The log home up in Duluth no longer belongs to me. After being on the market for 90 days, my employer is taking control of it. Which is a good thing, because the closing for the Shakopee house is Wednesday.

The movers will be dropping off my stuff at the Shakopee house on Thursday. The forecasted high for that day is 40 degrees with a chance of snow. In contrast, the forecast for today is partly cloudy with a high near 80. Hurray Minnesota weather.

But the really good news is that last night, I obtained my highest score so far on my Marble Madness machine. I scored 171,990. That surpasses the score from January 1st. I can do better, I died 3 times during this game. I had 67 seconds left on the clock when the game was over. I had the help of a magic wand adding some seconds to my game during the intermediate race.

For the uninitiated, here is the best page about Marble Madness on the web. Wikipedia and Klov have additional info as well.

Don’t Ask Me

OK Go’s homemade videos are fun, but the songs leave me empty. On the flip side, the video for “Don’t Ask Me” by OK Go isn’t particularly clever, but the song is actually something I can enjoy. This still isn’t the best song with the title of “Don’t Ask Me”. That title belongs to Public Image Ltd. The video for that song was directed by Bob Dylan’s kid, Jesse. If you hunt long enough, there is always a Minnesota connection to everything.

Oh, since I am posting links to music videos, here is “True Faith” by New Order. I think my Halloween costume is somewhere in that video.

Things I could of posted about, but didn’t.

– The night of drinking on my birthday.

– The video game bachelor party Saturday night.

– The dream with Geraldo Rivera in it.

– The round of golf in 80+ degree weather Monday afternoon.

I could blog about this stuff, but I won’t. So stop reading this entry and click on the thumb image. Far more entertaining than this crap.